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Becoming Better At Being Visually Audible

We are living in a fast paced world where you have to put your ideas forward in best possible way in shortest time span or you will miss the train of potential customers. Time management is the key. Customers will not go through tons and tons of text to understand your position. Explanatory business videos can help you gain public’s attention and can work wonders in helping your organization grow. Print and electronic media is something from the past, which will help you in your promotional endeavors but the volume of business can be diverted towards company through internet. There’s no doubt about it. There are many ways and techniques you can employ to make your video worth watching but we are going to discuss here, the 6 major tips that can help your video get maximum viewership.

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1. Clarity

Well written script is the basis for a successful video. Your ideas should be presented in a clear and exciting manner at the same time. You should know what you aim at while making this video. Your target audience as well as your ultimate expectations should be clear. Your promotional text should make a clear statement about who you are and what are you offering. Sentences should be short and pithy.

2. Visuals

Amazing animations and tools play a vital role in making the video exciting. Visual aesthetics have always captivated imagination of humans; and videos are no exception. Just like quality of animation in a movie plays a huge role in the success of that movie, same goes for your promotional videos.


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3. Brevity

‘Shorter the better’ should be your thumb rule as nobody wants to watch a soap opera. Make it short, concise and simple. Use simple words. Throw away the thesaurus! There are thousands of videos floating on the internet and people generally do, unconsciously look at the length of the video to see how long it is. So write the script of your video with such brevity that your message goes across without making your potential client wearied.

4. Humor them!

No matter who’s watching your video, CEO, manager, peon etc., everyone likes to be entertained. Add the element of humor. This help people to form a connection with the organization. People are impressed by wit and humor rather than dull narratives.

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5. Storyteller

Craft an engaging story. Make its audio interesting enough to connect to audience. This can act as your promotional powerhouse. Don’t be casual with words; each one should add to the relevance of your viewpoint. Story should illustrate what you are all about, so make every word count.

6. Advantages vs. Features

People will eventually read the features of goods your organization is offering once they find your video engaging enough. Your video should be focused on benefits of your product rather than features. It should motivate the viewer to consider your company while making his decision.

Embracing the newest technological advancements is the most logical path to take if you want to grow professionally and commercially.

About the Author 

Hilary Addison has a Masters in Mass Communications and is currently working as a freelance researcher, writer and animator at Corporate Animated Video Company – HelloAnimations. She has worked with various organizations in the capacity of PR representative.




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