The Magic of Disney Branding [Infographic] 2m 494 #disney

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We all remember Disney filling our childhood days with entertainment like Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto. Many of us are not aware that we have not and will not outgrow Disney, no matter how old we get. Disney’s large number of acquisitions ensure that they will be involved in every phrase of a consumer’s life, from birth to death, and every year between.

Walt and Roy Disney created a small cartoon studio in 1923, little did they know that in less than a century, that company would become the biggest media conglomerate in the world by revenue. Today Disney has a portfolio of companies ranging from comic books to real estate, they even play the venture capital game. That enormous portfolio of companies also keeps Disney involved in every stage of a consumer’s life.


While You Were Watching Toy Story, Disney Has Been Quietly Acquiring 100s of Brands

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A brief list of companies that are a part of the vast Disney Empire are: Marvel, ESPN, ABC, The Muppets, LUCAS Films (Star Wars), Pixar, Hulu, Club Penguin, Theme Park Productions, Toontown Online, Prospect Studios, Compass Rose Corporation, Supercomm International, Freewheel, Palm Hospitality, Plymouth Productions, Buena Vista Laboratories, Wanderlust Productions, Boss Realty, Before After Productions, Film Brothers Property Corp, New Amsterdam Theatre, Hodi Investments, Kelly Management, Kelly Investments, Devonson Corp Entertainment, Indian Warrior Productions, Bokecc, PNLH Payroll, WDT Services, Andes Productions, Baynote, Madeira Land Co, Magnolia Creek Development Co, RCE Services, The Inn Corp, The Quiz Show, Mapleleaf Commercial Properties, Florida Properties, Reedy Creek Energy Services, Photobucket Club,,, CA Productions, Pixie Hollow Online, Hyperion Books, Zettics,, Creek Energy Services, Agarita Music, KABC7 Studio B, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures Music, Weight Heavy, Lake Bryan, Seven Peaks Music, Edgecast, Max WDC services, Arvida Real Estate, JB Productions, Lake Bryan, Holmes Houses, The Swan Hotel, Homestead Homes, WCO Leisure, Avalance Software, Razorgater, Fanzster,, Golden Oak Ranch, The Celebration Co, Keybridge Properties Florida, Falferious Music, Holpic Music, Sutido Post Production,,, Cocoa China, Netmovie, Gridsum, Elemental Technologies, Seven Peaks Music, Chinese Holdings, UUSee, Yoyi Media, Musical Summits Music, ESPN Wide World Of Sports Complex, Pirates of the Caribbean Online, Digisynd, Wideload Games, Rocket Pack, Starwave Mobile, Vobile, Gamestar, Starearth, Syngery Group, Shangpin, Anzter Fastclick, Swing Kids Productions, POW Entertainment, Merchantcircle, Kapow Software, Voodoovox and many more.

Disney has many ways of creating loyal followers. Everyone remembers growing up watching Disney films, but Disney broadened its empire beyond just the Magic Castle of childhood reams. Disney has mastered brand domination across every age. Take a look at the impact Disney has on our lives in every stage from birth to mature adulthood because of their smart brand acquisitions.

Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Perhaps, more appropriately: If it exists, you can buy it. has created an infographic detailing how Disney is right there with you through all the stages of life.