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Top Luxury Items Every Businessman Needs In Their Life

Luxury Briefcase

The business world is a tough old game, but there are some things you can do to make your working life more pleasant. Having a stylish briefcase laden with luxury business items is one way to not only make you look uber professional, but also to make you feel a little bit special as well. And let’s face it, you are pretty darn special.

Here’s our list of seven luxury items you really need to have in your briefcase next time you swan into your conference venue to let your colleagues know you really do mean business.

  1. Your Mont Blanc pen
    All good business people need a killer pen for work, and Mont Blanc really do set the standard when it comes to exceptional products. For the ultimate in reliability and understated beauty, nothing is better than the Meisterstuck 149. Or for something a bit more eye-catching, check out the Starwalker or even one of their outlandish limited editions.
  2. A Smythson notepad
    Since 1887, Smythson of Bond Street have been providing stationary with flair and elegance, and no business person’s briefcase would be complete without one of their stunning notebooks. The supple, high quality leather outer is beautifully complemented with the flash of gold from the edge of the pages. Choose colour and finish to suit your style. Or your tie.
  3. Mulberry business card wallet
    The name Mulberry is synonymous with exceptional quality and elegance, and they boast a huge collection of very desirable products. At your next conference venue, whip out one of their stunning natural leather business card wallets when it’s time to exchange details, and you’ll be sure to command the right sort of attention.
  4. A spare Hermes tie
    There’s nothing worse than spilling a splash of coffee down your tie right before you’re due in a crucial meeting. That’s why a good businessman will always carry a spare designer tie in his briefcase, just in case. And when it comes to designer ties, nobody does it better than Hermes. Their heavy silk ties, available in a range of designs and colours, are hand rolled for the perfect finish, and will be your saviour when your lunch has an unfortunate landing.
  5. Geo. F. Trumper moisturizing cream
    There’s nothing shameful about a man using moisturiser, particularly on his hands. After all, when you shake hands with that important client, the last thing you want is for them to feel callouses and dry spots on your skin. For manly moisturiser, it doesn’t come better than the fragrance free traditional moisturisers from Geo. F. Trumper. Designed with the serious man in mind, these non-oily moisturisers are perfect for renewing your skin after an arduous commute or a punishing morning, keeping you supple and soft all day long.
  6. Your emergency Amex Black
    If you can get it, you should have it! Also known as the Amex Centurion, the Amex Black gets its name from its distinctive colour, which comes about as a result of the anodised titanium which is used in its manufacture. Unlike the majority of credit cards, you can’t simply apply for one. You need to be invited. But like they say, if you can, then why not?
  7. A good old Filofax
    Technology is great, except when it goes wrong. And when your battery dies or your smartphone decides to freeze in the middle of a crucial business deal, how will you know the mobile number of the investor you really need to call? Avoid looking like a plum by keeping a good old traditional Filofax in your briefcase, with pen and ink entries for all those important people you need to know.

So there you have it. How many of our top list have you already got in your briefcase, and what would you add to this list?

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