Have Lunch With a Different Person At Work [Challenge]

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Challenge of the Week: Have Lunch With a Different Co-Worker Everyday

Businesspeople Having a Lunch Break

How long have you worked with your co-workers? How well do you really know them? Did you know you probably spend more time with your co-workers than you do your own family? Think about it: When you go to work, you are, of course, doing your job, getting things done, and accomplishing tasks for the company in order for the success of the business, but you are also doing this alongside your co-workers, who also have the same goals as you in mind.

This time spent with your co-workers lasts about 6 hours, considering the fact that you have a lunch break and they have a lunch break, whether at the same time or not, you are probably not having lunch with them, or spending any personal time with them because they are just your co-workers.

When you go home, you probably spend an average of about 5 hours with your family, from eating dinner, to hanging out, and watching some television, before everyone is off to bed, leaving you about an hour in the morning before your spouse is off to work and your children are off to school. You get even less time during these hours if you allow your family complete uninhibited entertainment of smart phones, television, computers, and everything else. The majority of your time spent with family is probably on weekends, which seems like it is more than enough, though while at work, you cannot think of anything else you want to do, except spend time with family.

Considering you spend a lot of time, if not more time, with your co-workers than your family members, then why not realize that your co-workers are your second family and get to know them? You may all have different lunch hours, but make an exception this week to try and have lunch with a different co-worker each day, have a conversation, learn something new about them, and see if you have anything in common. There is certainly nothing wrong with befriending co-workers and socializing with them outside of work.

Go ahead, start making plans, inform your co-workers of your plans, and make them happen! If you cannot seem to make having lunch with a different co-worker each day happen, than try and have a group lunch either by going out someplace to eat at lunch time, or by suggesting that everyone bring in a specialty dish, and share it at the lunchroom table, while getting to know your co-workers.

Let us know in the comments how your week went, what you learned about your co-workers, and if you feel your co-workers would make good friends outside of work.




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