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The Los Angeles Trade Technical College is the oldest two-year public college in the Los Angeles Community College District or LACCD. It was founded in 1925 as the Frank Wilggins Trade School. The school aims to provide students high-quality academic, technical and professional educational opportunities that will prepare them for the real world in their chosen field.

Los Angeles Trade Technical College is fully approved under the California State Department of Education regulations. It is also accredited by the LATTC Accreditation Website, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, the Veterans Administration, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the American Culinary Federation and Educational Institute and the United States Office of Education.

Aside from its credentials, another great reason to build your career at LATTC is that it offers one of the lowest tuition fees in the country. It also offers all the academic courses needed to be able to transfer to a four year college course. The school also has 90 different occupational programs that can be completed in one to two years time.

Educational Programs

The three main degrees offered at Los Angeles Trade Technical College are in the Associate in Arts, Associate in Science and chosen vocational program certificate courses. LATTC certificates for their educational programs are approved by the District Board of Trustees and the State Chancellor’s Office.

1. Associate Degree Programs

There are three parts that make up the Associate in Science (AS) and Associate in Arts (AA) degree programs. These are the general education, a course major, and electives. Graduates should complete a minimum of 60 semester units to graduate.

2. Certificate of Achievement Programs

The Certificate of Achievement Programs at LATC are designed to give instruction with a high degree of specialization. This prepares the student for immediate employment. The unit per course range from 12 to 48 units depending on the chosen course. The courses offered under this program are:

3. Skills Certificate / Short Term Certificate Program

Students are trained in specific skill sets for these short term certificate programs. They can be completed in one semester or less because each program is less than 12 units each. Those who complete these courses receive a certificate but the units will not reflect on the student’s transcript.

4. Non-Credit Programs

Non-credit programs provide 288 hours or more of a combination of two or more courses designed to help the student achieve a certificate, a diploma or a license. The two programs are career development and college technical programs that have high employment possibilities. Certificates are not given for these programs.

5. Apprenticeship Programs

These programs are for indentured apprentices who are given lectures and hands-on-training about a trade under agreement with the State of California Division of Apprenticeship Standards. This supervised on-the-job training prepares the students for any craft, trade or profession they choose.

6. Online Programs

Just like all other colleges who would like to reach out to students who are not capable of attending regular classes, LATTC now also offers online programs that allow students to take classes online where all materials, lectures and class activities are available 24/7 with the help of an innovative course delivery software.

Job Opportunities

Graduates from Los Angeles Trade Technical College have high employment opportunities because they are supported by the following departments:

* LACCD Employment

Through the Los Angeles Community College District’s Employment opportunities pages, newly graduate students of LTTC can browse through current job openings and vacancies at LACCD.

* Student Employment Center

The school has a student employment center where they can browse through employment opportunities. They can also get assistance in preparing their resume and application through this department.

* Career Center

The goal of the Career Center is to provide students career planning tools like career assessments, tests and professional career counseling so students can find the best career option for their talents, skills and knowledge.

Through the Los Angeles Trade Technical College’s mission of “Changing lives in a changing Los Angeles” their dedicated faculty and staff continue to provide innovations to their teaching methods and courses to assure their graduates of a successful career in the field they have chosen.

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