Let Me Google That For You

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Looking for something? Don’t know the answer? Google.

This ranks up there with what you might think is the most useless site in the world, but in fact, it is probably the most useful site ever.

I can’t even count how many times that someone has asked a question, and immediately, if I did not know the answer, out of my own ignorance, and even wanting to look up the question myself in a Google search, I have often resorted to answering, “You should Google that.” It is a term we mostly take for granted, but it was not a term that always existed, or was mainstream, or even recognized as a noun or a verb. The word “Google” did not even exist.

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Once upon a time, the card catalog was used more often and there were websites that you could visit that held a knowledge database, such as an online encyclopedia, when the Internet was much younger, and Google was hardly known. Wikipedia was also unheard of, and although it is now popular, there are plenty of professors and teachers who forbid using it as factual knowledge and information because its pages are mostly created by contributors who may not be experts in the field, though Wikipedia does strive to have strict guidelines for using references when stating information.

Anyway, nowadays, everyone knows what Google is, and everyone knows how to use it. There are plenty of people who choose to use Bing or Yahoo or another search engine, but even those people who hate Google and refuse to use its search engine know what Google is and what it does. Regardless of the search engine used, anyone can pretty much find out about anything they want to know by using a search engine and typing in their search query in order to find their answer.

It is as if sometimes our society has become so lazy that they want other people to look up the answer for them in order to come up with some reasonable answer that they will probably forget in about 5 to 10 minutes.

Whenever I am on the Internet and someone asks me a question about something, I myself, if I do not know the answer and am somewhat ignorant on the subject, am forced to Google it. So when this website was created, it was the perfect website to present to anyone who was too lazy to look up the answer for themselves. Apparently, I was not the only one who felt this way.

Let Me Google That For You

The website is: Let Me Google That For You




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