Live the Dream, Work from Home [Infographic]

When was it when your dream of working from home became a pressing necessity?

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Want To Quit Your Job and Work From Home? Keep Reading

When was it when your dream of working from home became a pressing necessity? It may have been while choking on car fumes during the morning commute or when the bus was late again. Or it may have been when you were trying to get a project done but your colleague was talking about their relationships or what their cat vomited up the night before. Perhaps it was the micromanaging boss who does not know what you’re supposed to do, but tells you how, in great depth, what you should be doing even though you know it’s going to fail?

Working from home can be the most fantastic and rewarding of lifestyle choices, but you also have to roll with the downsides and put a lot of effort in. If you get it right, you could earn way more money, work in in comfort, and most of all, set your own schedule. It’s all down to you. So, do you have the mettle? Can you put in the time? The discipline? Can you ignore the temptations and deal with the loneliness?

Your crucial, first step, is to work out what kind of work you are going to do from home. Is it your current job as a remote worker? Will you take your skills into the freelance, gig economy? Or will you build your own business?

In fact, there are 85 good reasons to quit your job and work from home, which I’ve covered for you, but there are also many things you need to consider first. Remember the benefits, be wary of the downsides, know how to work smart, and don’t fall for all the myths.

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Are you an Undercover Success?

85 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Job, Start Your Own Business, Travel Around the World, and Become Successful


  1. Life is just too damn short
  2. Your amazing ideas don’t matter
  3. You feel like you’re taking steps back, not forward
  4. You lack purpose
  5. You hate going to and being at work (in the morning, after lunch, and every other second of the day)
  6. You lack interest in your passion (or the passion is gone)
  7. You’re not learning and growing
  8. Your skills aren’t being utilized
  9. You don’t fit inside your company’s culture
  10. Everything is too routine
  11. You’re not happy (at work or outside of work)
  12. You’re outlook on everything is negative
  13. Your family and friends say you’re not yourself anymore
  14. Your health sucks, you’re stressed, and you never exercise
  15. You freakin’ HATE your boss
  16. You’d rather take risks than sit in a cubicle
  17. You’re curious and want to explore what life is about
  18. Your responsibilities increase, but your pay stays the same
  19. The amount of money you get doesn’t matter, you’re still unhappy either way
  20. You feel like you’re not in control of your life
  21. Your retirement is a joke
  22. You know it’s time to go, so take a leap of faith and do it!
  23. You’re a natural born leader
  24. You’re highly self-motivated
  25. You’re full of determination and drive
  26. Your body is fueled by passion
  27. You believe in yourself
  28. You’re confidence is sky high
  29. You have a willingness to fail (and keep getting back up)
  30. You have the persistence to keep going, no matter what
  31. You strive to learn what you don’t know
  32. You’re open-minded and flexible
  33. You’re extremely competitive and ready for any challenge
  34. You’re willing to take accountability for all actions
  35. You encourage and welcome change
  36. You push yourself out of your comfort zone
  37. You seek out help from others
  38. You put your ego to the side
  39. You’re quick on your feet and highly adaptable
  40. You excel at networking
  41. You’re more excited about the journey than the end game
  42. You’re not afraid to take risks
  43. You’re willing to push yourself and others to succeed
  44. You have more ambition than anyone you know
  45. You act respectable and have integrity
  46. You have a strong desire to achieve and make a difference
  47. You have a positive mindset and surround yourself with other like-minded individuals
  48. You’ll erase the “what ifs” of your life
  49. You’ll increase your knowledge and overall learning of business and life
  50. You’ll wake up eager to work and make progress
  51. You’ll finally follow your passion
  52. You’ll learn to become more determined and fearless
  53. You’ll learn to take action and not just talk
  54. You can get lots of tax benefits
  55. You’re able to make your own job security
  56. You can learn new skills and reach new heights
  57. You’ll get the chance to become an expert at something
  58. You can find mentors and learn from them
  59. You’ll have the freedom to make your own choices and do what you want
  60. You’ll have more time to yourself
  61. You’ll have a better outlook on life
  62. Your mindset will overflow with positivity
  63. You’ll inspire others that are close to you
  64. You’ll have the chance to build something special, bigger than yourself
  65. You’ll be able to set your own hours
  66. You won’t have to dread waking up each morning and going to a dead end job
  67. You’ll feel like you have a sense of purpose
  68. Traveling around the world allows you to invest in yourself and find out who YOU really are
  69. The dreams you have, the experiences you make the people you meet, the cultures you learn about, the food you eat, the different economies and how other businesses work, all of this will shape you into a better person and allows you to discover your true self
  70. It will also help your own business in a positive way and spark innovative and out of the box thinking
  71. And don’t forget, you don’t have to stop working while traveling
  72. It’s easier to travel than ever before
  73. You’ll gain real-world experience
  74. You’ll learn how to talk with anyone, regardless of any language barrier
  75. It will take you out of your comfort zone and regular boundaries
  76. You’ll meet people who inspire you
  77. You’ll discover the way others live that you never imagined
  78. It’ll open your eyes and broaden your horizons
  79. You’ll develop skills you never knew you had
  80. You’ll be more educated
  81. You’ll learn negotiation skills
  82. Your mind, body, and soul will grow
  83. You’ll gain a sense of fulfillment
  84. You won’t regret it (or have any regrets) when you’re older
  85. There’s no better time than right now!

So, How will you become a success from quitting your job, starting your own business, and traveling the world?

If you strive to build and craft all of the skills (listed above) into your personal arsenal, utilize the reasons (above) to motivate you to get started, and keep a positive mindset, you will ultimately succeed not just in the sense of the word, but even more so, and much more importantly, in the true meaning of LIFE.

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