LinkedIn Facts and Stats [Infographic]

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Statistics and Facts About LinkedIn

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LinkedIn has become one of the most important networking sites for professionals. On an international scale, 313 millions are using the website (and counting). So whether you’re looking for job or networking opportunities, as well as sales prospects for your business, products and services, you should enhance your profile and maximize your exposure on the website.

LinkedIn User Stats

  • Average time a user can spend monthly on the site is 17 minutes
  • 42% of their users update their profile regularly
  • 1.5 million is the total group number in the site
  • 39% of users pay for LinkedIn

Improve Your LinkedIn Experience Using These Tips

  1. Use a professional photo.
  2. Join up to 50 groups based on your industry. Find interesting groups based on your industry so that others will learn about you and your business.
  3. Post discussions in groups to position yourself as someone who is an authority in your industry. However, make sure that the discussion you’re posting is interesting for the group, not promotional. Finally, join threads and make other feel that you are part of the community.
  4. Get recommendations and endorsements. You can ask someone or your circles to recommend you. Also, you can recommend them, and then LinkedIn will ask them to do the same for you.
  5. Accept invites, but do not invite everyone. When inviting, invite those from your business area or from your city if you’re trying to build your business locally.
  6. Diversify your connections. You don’t have to network within the same age group, for instance.
  7. Last but not the least is to update your profile on a regular basis. If you have a new job, update it in your profile. If you need help with your LinkedIn profile, get help from a professional.

LinkedIn Facts and Stats [Infographic]

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The History of LinkedIn

LinkedIn launch date May 5, 2003

Date LinkedIn went public May 19, 2011

LinekdIn’s reported user total goal: 3 billion

Total number of LinkedIn business pages: 3 million

300 million people use LinkedIn

Geographic reach of LinkedIn: 200 countries

64% of LinkedIn users are outside the USA

The LinkedIn redesign has boosted social interactions over 200% LinkedIn in Numbers



Average time a user spends monthly on LinkedIn

17 mins

42% of users update their profile regularly

35% of LinkedIn users access the site dialy

39% of users pay for LinkedIn

1.5 million total number of LinkedIn groups




11X increase in LinkedIn views by including a photo

1 out 3 professionals on the planet are on LinkedIn

Mashable Company page with the most engaged following

200 Conversions per minute occurring in LinkedIn groups

41% Percentage of LinkedIn Visits via Mobile

1 in 20 LinkedIn profiles belong to Recruiters


BEST LinkedIn Company Pages 2013

Adobe Marketing Cloud

AppleOne Employment Services

Commonwealth Bank


Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts


Kellogg Cmopany

Marketplace Home Mortgage






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