The Life of a Writer

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My dream is to be a novelist one day with enough sales that I can support myself with that alone. Right now, I use online websites, specifically to support myself financially until my career as a novelist is more successful.


Being a writer, both on my own terms and with Fiverr, is an amazing job. I make my own hours, and that works for me really well because I have insomnia and a job as a babysitter as well. It’s easy to be flexible when I don’t have to clock in and clock out. However, the job is not all fun and games. Writing is hard work. Being creative enough to work on my novel, The Colony, is difficult because it is not always easy to be “inspired”. Fiverr is sometimes easier because I do have a topic, but the downside is that I have other people to answer to. It is less about my own opinion, but rather my customer’s.

Writing is by no means for everyone either. I was writing “novels” when I was eight and nine years old. A lot of people think it is something you are born with, and creativity is definitely a must-have. It is not something you can just wake up and decide to be one day by any means. I remember when I was younger that I got excited about an empty composition book. It took me a few years to understand why, but I realized one day that it was the possibility of those empty pages being filled with my writing. I can’t tell you how many journals I kept as a child or how many so called books I started writing since I was a child. I have also always and I do mean, ALWAYS, gotten so excited seeing books. For as long as I can remember, every time I go into a bookstore, I spend hours there. I was told by many people when I was younger what a talent I had for writing, and analyzing literature.

Writing, even when I was too young to understand it, has always been my dream job. I love doing it, and I hope to keep doing it as long as possible. It is hard sometimes, and it takes dedication. To me though, it is always worth it.



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