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Life is a name of constant change

Author: Anonymous
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Life is a name of constant change

With the passage of time we go through many incidents which change our life in a number of ways. We learn new things and have many experiences. But most of the times those incidents bring great changes in our personality and way of thinking, due to our ability to become more practical and tough.

I have been through many such incidents in my life, but one of those incidents, which I can never forget, happened when I was twelve years of age. There was marriage ceremony in my relatives who live in another city. I was very excited, we went there by train. It was real fun meeting all my cousins and relatives after a long time. I really enjoyed it very much and it was one of the most unforgettable marriage ceremonies in my family. After attending a three-day marriage ceremony, we left for our city at 8 o’ clock in the evening by train.

It was a two hour long journey and we reached our city at almost 10 o’ clock at night. We took our luggage from the train and started walking towards the exit. The railway station was very crowded because three trains had reached there at the same time at different terminals. At the place of exit there were two sets of stairs, accidently I climbed up the wrong one and my family went on the other one. After stepping 6 to 7 stairs, I turned around to see whether my family was coming behind me or not, but they were not there. I was alarmed and I did not understand what to do and where to go because I was a just a small child at that time. People were looking at me with probing eyes and I was panic-stricken.

In confusion, I was unable to figure out what to do. I could not decide whether to go forward or go back to find my family. But I decided to move forward, I ran very fast and got to the end of the stairs where the ticket checkers and security guards were standing. I ran towards them, I was crying and unable to even breathe properly. I told them that I had gotten separated from my family and I was unable to find them, and requested them to help me with tears in my eyes. They told me to calm down, brought me a glass of water and told me that they would make an announcement. But after 10 minutes I heard the alarmed voice of my mother, she was calling me loudly. I rushed towards her and hugged her while I was crying badly.

I became so scared after that incident that for many days I was unable to sleep properly and when I somehow managed to sleep I had nightmares of that night. Till now, whenever I think of that night I get goose bumps and become very scared. Just a single thought of getting separated from my family scares me like hell. I am still unable to put my feeling into words; it was so horrible, unforgettable and scary.

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