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Top Tips For Landing Your Dream Job

Author: Wendy Lin
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If you want to work in Spain and are currently looking for your dream job then here are a few top tips.

Do your research

In order to truly land your dream job you will want to make sure you are fully prepared.  Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, as they say.  Think about the interview process beginning long before you have even arrived at the office of your prospective employer.  Check out the company’s website, read any news articles or blog posts that they have and think about the kinds of questions you would like to ask them.

Remember, an interview isn’t just about your prospective employer asking you in-depth questions.  It is up to you to make sure you find out more about them and what they are looking for.  You need to make sure that it is somewhere you would like to work too.

Look the part

You will want to make sure that you look the part.  Dress to impress.  But try not to over-do it.  If the company have a more relaxed vibe then you may not want to be completely suited and booted, but you should look smart.  Try and keep make-up, jewellery and accessories to a minimum.

Revise your past experience

One of the main focuses of any interview is to delve into your past experience.  Companies often ask competency based questions such as ‘Demonstrate a time you showed initiative’ or ‘Tell us about a time when you had to handle a difficult customer or situation’.  Make sure that you have looked back on your past experience and that you have the information to hand in order to answer these questions as best you can.  It might be a good idea to have a read through of your CV again.  You could even print a few copies to take with you, keep one for yourself and one or two for those who are interviewing you.

Update your LinkedIn profile

It is good practice, especially when looking for a job, to update your LinkedIn profile.  Ask friends and ex-colleagues to add testimonials and comments about your work.  Is your employment history up-to-date?  Is there a recent photo?  Are your skills listed?

Know the culture 

Work in Spain means that you should know and understand the culture.  If you are not a native Spaniard then you will want to show that you understand the way of life in Spain.  Work life in Spain can often be very different to anything you have experienced before, so you will want to show that you are aware of the cultural differences.  If you have any questions about the job then now is the time to ask.  It is a big change moving to another country so make sure you ask any questions up front, don’t leave it until you have accepted the role.

Overall it is essential to use your common sense in an interview.  Don’t be too casual, but equally being too formal may give off a false sense of who you are.  Just relax, take a deep breath and you will be fine.

Wendy Lin is from California, but recently moved to Reading, UK to start a new adventure.

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  • If you want to work in Spain and are currently looking for your dream job then here are a few top tips.
  • Make sure you are fully prepared and have done your research on the company, including having read up on any articles or news on their website.
  • Dress your best but don’t overdo it.
  • Make sure you can talk well about your past experience and demonstrate you are knowledgable.
  • Make sure your social profiles, specifically LinkedIn has been updated.
  • If you are heading to Spain, make sure you understand the culture and way of life. Be aware of the cultural differences you will encounter.