What Is Really Killing The English Language?

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Learn English

Suppose we are clear that we want to learn English “definitively”, stop being once the eternal apprentice English, give a great boost to our learning up leaving a few months abroad. We might think that is enough to have enough money to live for a while, point us to a language school and choosing the right country, right? Well, although living abroad helps a lot, it is not so simple. There will be some who can acquire a level “advanced” in a few months and others may go well over a year to get it. In this article, we will see what factors influence our learning and some of the skills we must learn to go deeper into the language. Learning English: what factors influence and how to learn skills for a person to learn English many factors. For example:

The level of English you have: we must be realistic. If you come with a basic level (from first School of Languages), be clear that you will not reach a level proficiency soon. Settle down some high goals, the mistakes you’re making and trying to solve them also matters a lot if you learn the language since childhood, or if one of your parents is a native English speaker.

Your age and facility for the study: the younger one is more accustomed to study. But beware, most people have a discipline and perseverance in the study that young people often do not have.

The time you spend studying, and telling him: very important. You can spend months and months living in a hostel in England, surrounded by a cosmopolitan atmosphere, and yet not learn much English. know it’s not cool to spend time studying when you are out, but look at one thing: some schools will give you exercises to do at home and cannot get away to spend at least a few hours a day. Your ability to distinguish sounds: some people have a better ear for phonetics than others, but also learn to listen. It is not that young children barely understand what their parents tell them when they are still learning the rudiments of language? But they learn by listening; when you study a new language, it is very important to take time to listen and make an effort to imagine how the words are written. Learn English by watching videos with English subtitles is a good system for this.


Your ability to express yourself in public: I remember on my last trip to London a young man who did not to have a very high level of English, but had a huge brash talk. He made mistakes, but he was not afraid to speak English. Some might say: “Well, but I’m shy and am a little introverted, what do I do?” In school, when the teacher asks some general questions in the air, try to be the first to respond. Say what you have in your head. Start with words, and over time, it can turn into conversations. Although you may not guess right, you’re learning to be brave and that lasts a lifetime. It is important to live in an English speaking environment, but not alone. Remember that there are many colonies of Spaniards and South Americans who will be tempted to switch.

My advice is 1. Live in a family; 2) Sign up for indigenous workshops, discussion groups, etc.

In final accounts: Although the environment influences (living in an English speaking country is 100% useful for learning the language), we do not learn by intuitive knowledge, or mere contact with air, or through the London rain. We need to learn actively. Now these categories that have made you not come in “fixed” amounts in each person, i.e. they are not exclusive.

And above all … MOTIVATION!

Although you bring a low level of English, it does not mean you cannot learn much; you’re never too old. Suffice to bringing a high level of motivation and if you follow good discipline, you will achieve your goals in less time than you think. Get motivated by the good atmosphere in which you find yourself in, but understand it is not the same motivation to learn English when at home. If you’re traveling and you live in the home of a friendly family that speaks good English, like in Dublin with a window overlooking the green fields of Ireland, you will learn plenty of the language. So I recommend you recharge your batteries and make some time to socialize and meet people. Leave the classroom environment and lose the shame, everything is achieved if you feel motivated; start small, overcome difficulties, and you’ll be surprised what you can do. One of the best evidence that you’re learning English is when you think of something from the soul and say in that language.

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