5 Ways to Keep Work Entertaining

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Even those that absolutely love their jobs get a little jaded at times because, let’s face it, it’s still work. Avoid ever having the office blues on account of disinterest by trying these five easy ways to keep work entertaining!

1. Google Chat.

Ok, before you think that I am suggesting you spend your day wasting office time by engaging in fluff conversations with your friends, read on. Though the bulk of your time on the clock should be in pursuit of company objectives, it is completely acceptable to spend the occasional few moments of your workday to recharge via social engagement (even if it is digitally). Plus, chatting online amongst coworkers or close friends can be done simultaneous to work and does not require your leaving the desk. About how many things can you say that?

2. Munch on Something.

I am not recommending that food should be the filler for boredom. However, I am proposing that munching on the occasional snack every few hours will help mix things up a bit—and gives you a little pick-me-up to look forward to enjoying! Careful, though, as this is not an insinuation that a small, periodic snack should be chips or cookies. Look to healthier alternatives, like a granola bar or an apple. Furthermore, studies show that smaller amounts of food eaten over the course of the day (as opposed to a few large meals) are great for the body. Hello, metabolism booster!

3. Compete With Coworkers.

There’s nothing quite like a bit of healthy competition, and this certainly holds true within the realm of the workplace. In order to keep things lively, start a mini contest on your team to see who can accomplish the most objectives—anything from who can land the biggest sale that week to who can win over the most difficult potential client. Not only does this make things fun, but it also helps to get the work done quicker because of what is at stake—perhaps everyone has pitched in a few bucks to treat the winner to lunch at week’s end?

4. Games.

Most offices encourage the occasional break and certainly time away to enjoy a nice lunch. With the “work hard, play hard” mentality, be sure to take those times to rejuvenate yourself when the afternoon starts to lag. Head to the break room to play a quick game of ping pong with your friend from Marketing, or grab a deck of cards and play a quick round of Texas Hold ‘Em with the guy in the cubicle next door. Remember, however, that these breaks should not be taken at pivotal times. It probably will not sit well with your boss if he finds you missed a staff meeting or were late for a client conference call because you were taking a break!

5. Spruce Up Your Work Space.

I find this to be one of the easiest ways to keep yourself stimulated while at work. Make your space truly yours—put up some pictures of loved ones, decorate with some fun artwork, or add a funky plant to the desk. These unique, homey items will serve as exciting pieces that will help get your creative juices flowing. If it starts to get humdrum, change it up again—no harm done in having a rotating cubicle theme! Note, however, that some offices have stringent rules about ways your personal workspace can be adorned. Be sure to adhere to those to avoid getting into any interoffice dilemmas.

“The office” does not have to be synonymous with “boredom”. Whether you are an accident lawyer in Calgary who cannot focus come 3pm or a computer analyst in Charleston whose office space is looking drab, consider trying any of these above-mentioned tricks to get the workspace engaging and enjoyable!

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