Jobseekers Guide to Getting Noticed [Infographic]

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Get Noticed By Your Target Company

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For sure many of us, prior to graduating in college, already have a company in mind whom we aspire to work for someday. However, with the over-saturation of the job market today, it can be tough to land a position job, let alone be noticed by your target company.

After you pass your application, how sure are you that it will be noticed by the hiring manager?

You might have the most professional looking resume or the most impressive scores in the initial assessments, but there are other variables that you surely leave up to chance when applying for a job. In summary, here are they key pointers from the visual guide below which presents the different ways to get noticed by your target company today.

  1. Prepare all the information about your target company and the job opening you are applying for.
  2. Connect and engage with your target company through a different media such as on their blogs and LinkedIn profile.
  3. Network with key people inside the company that is relevant and can influence your job application.
  4. Secure an internal recommendation from the inside employees you managed to network with.
  5. Demonstrate your value by giving actionable solutions to problems that your potential team is currently facing.
  6. Ask questions that are relevant to your job.
  7. Aside from a thank you letter, give them the hiring manager a token of appreciation that is related to their interest.
  8. Seek the help of recruitment firms.

To know more about this topic, check this infographic from Phil. Exeq Search Solutions

Jobseekers Guide to Getting Noticed [Infographic]

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1. Plan. Plan. Plan.

Like a soldier going to war, you should prepare yourself before you approach your target company. Identify the goals you want to achieve and the specific position that you want to be considered for.

Gather all the information about the company and the job you are applying for so that you can answer all their questions effectively.

Remember: The more prepared you are, the better your chances to get the job.

2. Penetrate Them Using Your Networking Skills

Most job seekers don’t know that job searching actually starts even before companies post it online.

Do you wonder how some job hunters managed to get multiple job offers in less than a week after they left their current job? Well, what they actually do is network with their target company even before the job is posted.

They establish themselves as the cream of the crop in their field, and when the job-hunting season commences, employers look for them.

To emulate these people, here are the ways you can use your networking skills to penetrate the companies you’d love to work:


A lot of people nowadays are using LinkedIn to establish connections to create other industry leaders and create stronger image among their industry peers. Use this to your advantage and connect with people who may work now or in the past at your target companies.


Be an active member of their page by clicking the “Share” and “Like” button regularly.

Meet with Company Insiders

During the interview, don’t hesitate to ask the interviewer if there are people at the company whose open for a few questions. If you managed to get their name, then you can invite them over for a coffee or lunch.



If you have a blog that is somehow relevant to your target company’s niche, then you could highlight their name in your next post or even feature their new products or key initiatives, and send the link to their public relations team.

3. List Down All The Key and Relevant Persons in the Company

After you connected with your target company on various digital media platforms, your next move should be finding out the specific persons in the organization who you need to attract to your profile.

This can be done by browsing the “About Us” page of their company website to pinpoint which people can influence your job application.

This also involves recruiters since many companies nowadays are outsourcing their hiring process to agencies and consulting firms.

After you identified these people, you should start getting their attention without appearing like a nuisance.

For instance, you could ask them through your LinkedIn profile to check out an insightful post you wrote in  your blog site, or send them an interesting link to an article that could pick their interest.

This will give you a better chance than sending them a direct message requesting to be employed.

4. Get Internal Recommendations

Recommendations from the present employees of your target company are one of the great things that can buckle your position on the company you want to work for. There are two ways to execute to get internal recommendations:

If you know someone inside the company, you can use the networking tips mentioned earlier, or directly ask for a recommendation when applying.

When you don’t know someone from the company, you can ask the hiring manger to tour inside the office to meet your possible coworkers in the future. This might seem too edgy, but having the people inside the company talk about you is one of the secrets to staying in sight of the hiring manager.

5. Demonstrate Your Value

More than the accolades you received in your school or in your previous work, companies are more eager to see the real value that you can bring into their business.

One way to show this is by providing practical and timely solutions to real problems that the business is currently facing.

During the interview, you can ask the hiring manager to name a few problems that new hires are tasked to resolve. With your problem-solving skill, you can come up with a plan to resolve the problem on the spot.

Following the mentioned tips earlier, you can also ask your connections inside the company to give you existing issues they are facing.

This can surely boost your chance since you’ll have more time to plan a solution that’ll surely impress the  hiring manager.

6. Ask The Right Questions

Asking relevant question will prove that you are competent and have a genuine interest in the job you are applying for.

By asking the right questions, both you and the company will know more of each other – you’ll get to know the culture of the company, the challenges that you’ll face, and at the same time, the company you will know how’ll you manage these things professionally and personally.

7. Give Them A Memento

Giving a thank you letter after the interview is the norm, but with the ultra-competitive job market we have today, you can take it a notch higher.

A token or memento simply refers to a symbol of appreciation. And it’s a good way to create a lasting impression to the company. However, this depends on the job you’re applying for.

For instance, if you’re applying for a sales role, you could send the hiring manager a book about sales and team management.

Just be attentive to everything she says during the interview to know which type of token is most suitable to give. This way, the hiring manager will surely remember you after the interview.

8. Applying Through Recruitment Firms

As stated earlier, many organizations nowadays are relying on recruitment agencies to fill vacancies, and as such, applying through these firms can increase your chance getting hired by your target company.

This is because they have an extensive knowledge about the labor market, thus they know which companies offers the most exciting opportunities for job seekers like you.

Furthermore, their large network also ensures that you can quickly get in touch with companies that offer the most interesting projects that may be related to your line of work.

Most of them are also in partnership with multiple companies, and as such, they are the first ones to hear about profiles that are needed to fill- which a typical job seeker often cannot see.

And when they find your skills and performance valuable in their business, they’re more likely to permanently hire you for the position.

Use all these tactics altogether and you’ll surely get noticed by the target company you aspire to work with today.

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