IT Jobs with the Highest Pay and Fastest Growth [Infographic]

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Are you deciding on a career path? Or, are you planning to switch careers? If you are at this point in your life, you sure would want to venture into something future proof. You would want a career that is in an industry that is continuing to grow and will give you a stable job.

In this article, we will give you just that. If that sounds interesting for you, then read on.

If we look at jobs from the past 20 or 30 years, almost every job out there was done out of manual labor. Factory and assembly line workers were of abundance.

Then came computers. This caused technology to rapidly evolve. We also saw the Internet rise. All these developments brought about significant changes in our economy, especially with work and employment.

Nowadays, it is very much evident how artificial intelligence and automation have replaced a number of those factory jobs that we have accustomed to from the 1950s. We now have machines, computers and software programs dedicated to automate and do all these jobs faster and more efficiently.

Even though these old manual jobs have gone extinct, we have also seen how millions of IT jobs have replaced them. Jobs like software developers, systems analysts and those in the cloud computing areas are gaining traction. These jobs have become so important and have been fueling the economy worldwide.

For instance, mobile application development is now the hottest area in IT. These jobs involve creating apps for mobile phones running iOS, Android and other mobile operating systems. It is growing so fast that in fact there are more jobs than there are skilled people to fill them already.

If we also look at cloud computing, there were 1.7 million cloud-related jobs worldwide that went unfilled in 2012. This makes it one of the fastest growing areas in IT. Plus, 2 in 3 enterprises are currently planning, implementing or using cloud computing.

Will this influence your decision on which career path to take?

IT Jobs with the Highest Pay and Fastest Growth [Infographic]

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IT Jobs with the Highest Pay and Fastest Growth

Mobile Application Development is the HOTTEST AREA in IT

There are more jobs – than – there are skilled people – to – fill them

In 2012:

Job Postings on went up by

129% for Android Devs

190% for iPhone Devs


IT Salary Levels are truly a cup of HOT Coffee

In spite of the “Great Recessions”, salaries in IT have remained steady – or – increased

In 2012, in the Unite States, IT JOBS has a median total compensation of…

$90k for Staffers

$116k for Managers


Cloud-Computing is one of the fastest growing areas in IT

1.7 million cloud-related jobs worldwide went unfilled in 2012

2 in 3 enterprises are planning implementing or using Cloud Computing


10 Highest Paying and Fastest Growing IT Jobs for 2012 – 2020 United States Salary Levels

Mobile Application Developer
$94k average salary
292.2k new jobs

Software Engineer / Developer
$90k average salary
270.9k new jobs

Video Game Designer
$80k average salary
270.9k new jobs

Computer Systems Analyst
$79k average salary
120.4k new jobs

Network Administrator
$69k average salary
96.6k new jobs

IT Security Specialist
$87k average salary
65.7k new jobs

Web Developer
$91k average salary
65.7k new jobs

Technology Manager
$111k average salary
55.8k new jobs

Health Information Technician
$46k average salary
37.7k new jobs

Database Administrator
$82k average salary
33.9k new jobs


iPhone Developer Salaries around the World

USA $94k
UK $105k
India $18k
Australia $98k
Pakistan $13k
Philippines $12k
Malaysia $18k

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To see more of these jobs and their salaries, check out this infographic from They compiled everything you need to check out of the highest paying and fastest growing jobs in IT.




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