Job Interviews – Insider Secrets from the HR Professional Revealed

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Have you ever wondered what goes inside the mind of a Human Resources professional when you are facing him for an interview? We all know the set-up – you knock on the door, you sit up straight and watch the HR professional check your file and clear his throat to start the conversation. This is a normal arrangement and should be expected, but for many this can be a stressful situation.

So What Is He Thinking?

So the question remains – what is he thinking? Does he hate my dress? Or is he mentally measuring my competence by carefully choosing the words? When you are in a job interview and you are waiting for the HR professional to start the procedure, then you know how stressful it can get. You see, the silence is so thick and heavy that you can cut it with a knife!

Here’s the thing, the HR professional is sizing you up, in fact he may be looking for some things that can be used to rattle and unsettle you! I know this for a fact since I served as an HR Manager for a construction company for 2 years. Every day, I meet many applicants and employees trying to get my favor. I also schedule a number of job interviews in a week, so I know what I am saying and I’m aware of the process.

What Happens in Job Interviews?

We are sizing you up, or at least that is the first trick in my sleeves as soon as I allow an applicant into my room. I have this thinking that I should be the best, so I always try to identify some of the weak points of the applicant and pounce on that. One time, there was this applicant who delivered a resume full of training on computer operations and basic skills (he was applying for an Administrative Assistant). I checked on the resume and found compelling reasons to hire him. After all, he could easily navigate Microsoft Office, basic programming, and even had trouble shooting skills. I decided to give him an actual test to come up with a report, based on rough data of the department. I left to take a break and indicated my return after an hour. When I came back, I noticed that the report was not made. I asked what the problem was and he said he didn’t know how to use any of the programs! This is a frustrating thing to happen, and quite embarrassing, as well for the applicant.

Job Interviews Can Be Humiliating If You Mess with the HR!

You don’t want to mess with the HR professional inside the room. We smell fear and we pounce on weaknesses at every opportunity. It does not mean that all HR professionals are the same and you can expect a rough job interview every time. There are plenty of HR professionals who will help applicants and give them a benefit of the doubt. It just so happens that I was having a difficult time on the day that poor guy entered my room.




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