It’s All In The Package [Infographic]

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What’s In The Package?

Smart Packaging

Choosing the right packaging for your products is really important because packaging design & materials can influence purchase decisions. Packaging designs makes your product stand out in the crowded shelf. The color, designs and material of packaging should be chosen wisely. According to a research, right packaging color draws customer attention and it also improves brand awareness. Colors should not only project the image of your brand but also they should communicate specific qualities of products. Light colors give a smooth experience while stimulant colors give a sense of urgency.

You should always try to pick the high quality packaging materials as it improves trust. Low quality material can harm your brand’s image. High quality materials are durable and it also signifies that the product packed inside is of high quality. Packaging should be flexible as it occupies lesser space than rigid packaging. Customer feel good when the product they purchase are eco-friendly. Your packaging material should be easy to recycle and durable enough to be reused.

Innovative packaging also holds a special place here. Packaging design and format should be eye-catching. Customers most likely buy the product which comes in easy to open packaging. Here we have an infographic from Globe Packaging which revolves around the importance of packaging design and materials.

It's All In The Package [Infographic]


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It’s All In The Package

The package is just as, if not more, important as the product inside. There are several factors when it comes to choosing the right packaging for a product. the colour, material, and innovation of a product’s packaging can have a significant effect on the purchasing behaviour of consumers.


Certain packaging colours set different moods and can help to draw customer attention.

  • Brand Recognition: Research shows that colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%.
  • Brand Image: Companies choose colours not just based on looks, but to communicate specific qualities about a service or product.
  • Reflect Consumer Personality: Different shades of colour to different shoppers’ personality types. Stimulant colours like red, orange, and black illicit a sense of urgency, while lighter colours like pink and sky blue evoke a calm, smooth experience.


High quality packaging can attract customers while low quality packaging can act as a deterrent.


Sturdy, secure packaging can protect the product and boost the customer’s perception of product quality.


Flexible packaging takes up less space and tends to be lighter than rigid packaging.

Environmentally Friendly

Using recycled and biodegradable materials in product packaging can reinforce environmentally conscious consumer good feelings about the product.


Innovative packaging can add value to a product if meets a consumer need.

Design: Nearly 1 in 4 customers are affected by innovative packaging design such as reseal ability, ease of opening or interactive features.

Format: 43% of shoppers will choose a product based on the format of the packaging, like fitment pouches vs. bottles or tubes vs. Pouches.