Iridescent Interiors [Infographic]

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The Beauty of Iridescent Interiors

Mosaic Tile Sheet Arch

A multitude of soft colours shimmer in the light offering a soft visual appeal reminiscent of mother-of-pearl, bubbles and oil spills. These are the wonderful effects iridescence offer for your interior. Designers have harnessed these natural visual effects by using a variety of mediums, including metals, glass and perspex to create stunning accessories and soft furnishings.

Iridescence, along with holographic, is one of this year’s most sought after interior design trends, and yet it would be fair to say that the mesmerising, magical qualities of iridescence have long been used within the world of interiors to adorn homes via natural materials such as pearls and polished copper.

This infographic showcases some fabulous iridescent examples, providing insight on how they can be used to bring the beauty and playfulness of iridescence into our homes and workplaces. From splash-back tiles in the kitchen or bathroom to light shades, wallpapers, coffee tables and shelving, iridescence offers a rainbow of soft colours that alter and shift as different strengths of artificial or natural lights bounces off the surface.

Adding a touch of understated glamour to your décor, iridescence captures the imagination by offering a host of colours within its magical properties that compliment virtually any colour scheme or decorating motive. Easy on the eye, and soft on the budget, there’s plenty of amazing ways to add iridescence to an interior design scheme.

Iridescent Interiors [Infographic]

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Iridescence is one of spring’s hottest interior design trends and it’s really easy to embrace. It can be a major feature of your home or used to provide those all-important subtle design flourishes.

  • These laminated glass shelves reflect different colours depending on the vantage point.
  • This glass shower uses custom dichroic glass in this stunning bathroom.
  • This iridescent pendant light creates the impression of ever-changing colours.
  • A blend of pale pastels and golds works great in this bathroom.
  • This coffee table uses coloured tiles on reclaimed wood and takes inspiration from Van Goh’s “The Starry Night” for the colour palette.
  • These iridescent tiles would work great in any bathroom.
  • This copper mirror uses an array of pinks and burnt oranges in a unique way.
  • An iridescent fish scale tile effect works great in this bathroom.
  • These copper plated lamps use stained glass and a crystal formation shape to really make a statement.
  • A broad spectrum of colours has been used here to create a mosaic effect.

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