Interview Questions That Are Designed To Trick You

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Interview Questions That Are Designed To Trick You: Art of Interviewing

Interview Trick Question 1: What would you have changed in your old job?

This is not the time to complain about your former boss. Instead, describe the situations that annoy you in your job and focus on what could have been improved.

The future employer wants to know the aspects that displeased you in your last job to see if you could be happy with this specific company. The purpose of the job interview is to achieve a perfect marriage that balances the expectations of the candidate and the employer’s offer. The employer shall take all means to know what you are looking for.

Rely on the Facts

Take this opportunity to express what you would have liked, but do not disrespect your former boss. Stick to the facts. For example, do not say, “My former employer did not give me enough responsibility and I wish they gave me more challenges.”

You can say you have an entrepreneurial spirit and you would have liked an environment that makes more room for initiative, so you do not disparage your former employer. Talk about a fact and express a need. The future employer can assess whether the returned value of the business matches your desires.

Score Points

Take this opportunity to say what you would have changed, for example, in the working methods to improve service, efficiency, and effectiveness of your former employer.


Interview Trick Question 2: Why are you looking for a new job?

If you are at a job interview when you already have a job, the interviewer may be wondering why you are look for another job. This is the time to openly express your expectations from the company.

What the Interviewer Wants to Know

The interview might be curious as to why their potential hire is looking for a job and they do understand that it is most likely because not everything is perfect or going the way they want at their current company, but they are looking for specific reasons.


The purpose is to check if you are fleeing a conflict situation at work or if you are a job hopper. You may be applying for the job, but leaving a job to escape conflict before it is resolved may not look good for you in the interviewers eyes, as they are hoping to hire someone who can resolve conflicts, situations, and work under some pressure. This is usually verified with your references. What a recruiter wants most is to know your expectations on a professional level to assess whether the company has the ability to satisfy your needs and demands, and determine if you are a proper fit for the company.

State Your Expectations

The interview is an excellent opportunity for the exchange of information, especially in making yourself clear about all of your expectations. If you are looking for a certain salary, this is what you will probably want to ask for, as once the salary is determined, you may not see the potential opportunity for any raise for a while. The interviewer also wants to know if you would be comfortable with different tasks, responsibilities, or other challenges. If the work schedule is not stated, than be clear about what hours the office operates, or specify a preference for your work schedule. The goal is to be very honest in the end so that once you change jobs, you will start with confidence, knowing that all your expectations were met.

Clues About Your Personality

This question also assesses the candidate’s attitude. If you start spontaneously to speak out against your boss, your supervisors, or policies of the company that hires you, it can be a sign that you have trouble with authority or responsibility. The recruiter evaluates whether the company is a right fit for your personality type.

Stay Positive and Grateful

Show the interviewer that you are positive about your possible former employer. It is an attitude that is popular with recruiters. You can, for example, mention that you appreciate how lucky you were to learn certain tasks and gain experience at your former company, but that you want to now move on.

If you have not done so already, you should have done plenty of research about the company you applied for and explain what attracted you to apply for the position at this new company and why you were interested in the position.

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