Internet Domain and Hosting Facts [Infographic]

Right from education to entertainment, commerce, and industry, every industry is supported by the internet in one or the other.

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Facts About Domain and Hosting You Probably Didn’t Know

Internet has become the lifeline of the today’s world. Right from education to entertainment, commerce, and industry, every industry is supported by the internet in one or the other. But not many people like to dive deep into the history of Internet.

The first instance of WWW: It was in CERN that the very first time Worldwide Web was used for the communication. The huge organization wanted to simplify the communication between scientists and that how the idea of wireless in-house communication via computers was born. Eventually, the first website was also created in 1991. It belonged to CERN and the name was

Interesting world of Domain names: People go to limits to buy unique and funky domain names. One nice fellow even went to the lengths of stretching the limits of a domain name and came with a β€œhuge” name but most of them were redundant letters!

Growing TLD market: The growth of existing TLDs in the year 2016 was encouraging and .zip really ruled the market with 13th rank from its last year rank of 251. .nba and .you were among the fastest growing (YoY) TLDs of 2016 that maintained 89th and 92nd position. While the popularity of NBA and personal identity offered by .You is quite comprehensible, the low ranking of .shop is really surprising. It just managed to secure 174th rank that could be called a great disappointment.

Domain Trading: Due to the dramatic price fluctuations domain trading can be compared to stock trading. Though it is very difficult to beat the price of cream names like Insurance or Vacation rentals that were sold at 35.6 and 35 million dollars respectively, there are a number of domain names that are selling at exaggerated prices.

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Internet is one of the most addictive searches of the last century. Good or bad – it has a major impact on our life. But did you know some interesting history and less known facts about past and present of WWW, Hosting, and Domain? Here are a few of them:


  • Tim Bernes-Lee is the name of the person who invented www (world wide web)
  • 1989 is the year when the Internet (or something like that) was first used
  • Cern is the place where it was first developed for easing communication between scientists
  • is the name of the world’s first website created in 1991
  • 1962 is the year when the primitive concept of emails was first started by 1440/160 Administrative Terminal System


Though Guinness book of world records clearly expresses its unwillingness to offer any recognition for the largest domain name as they do not deserve any merit (in plain language), people are still trying to keep on enlarging the domain names.

There were lots of new TLDs that saw a major growth during 2016 but at 89th rank and 92nd rank respectively, NBA and YOU had the clear edge over others while .shop surprisingly maintained a a vet low position at 174th rank.

TLD First Seen Number of DomainsRank
.nba August 628062 89
.you April 625266 92
.shop June 270113 174
.nike July 213166 190
.open August 195389 206

TLD Growth

Among TLDs that saw a significant increase .zip zipped past others by improving its rank from 251 in January of the year to 13th rank in December

January -> December

.zip Rank: 251 – Domains: 9987 -> Rank: 13 – Domains: 12331097

.cc Rank: 49 – Domains: 255260 -> Rank: 6 – Domains: 27979105

.gdn Rank: 1167 – Domains: 1 -> Rank: 250 – Β Domains: 155318

.mov Rank: 610 – Domains: 1176 -> Rank: 131 – Domains: 402290

.buy Rank: 925 – Domains: 30 -> Rank: 202 – Domains: 19789

Domain TLD Rankings

Though .com and .net maintained their 1st and 2nd poisition, .org was replaced by .de at the third position.

.com Rank: 1 – Domains: 83877901 -> Rank: 1 – Domains: 570214242

.net Rank: 2 – Domains: 10276021 -> Rank: 2 Domains: 67922482

.de Rank: 5 – Domains: 8445529 -> Rank: 3 – Domains: 45904843

.uk Rank: 4 – Domains: 5596340 -> Rank: 5 – Domains: 52124390

.cn Rank: 1 – Domains: 24047005 -> Rank: 1 – Domains: 24047005

.ni Rank: 15 – Domains: 2365427 -> Rank: 10 – Domains: 10934163

.info Rank: 7 – Domains: 4626163 -> Rank: 6 – Domains: 27963446

.cc Rank: 6 – Domains: 255260 -> Rank: 49 – Domains: 27,979,105

.org Rank: 3 – Domains: 7951270 -> Rank: 4 – Domains: 55069846

.ru Rank: 9 – Domains: 4177688 -> Rank: 7 – Domains: 16696527

.ws Rank: 39 – Domains: 2512418 -> Rank: 9 – Domains: 2697280

Some of the ASTRONOMICALLY priced domains $35.6 million in 2010 $35 million in 2007 $30.18 million in 2012 $18 million in 2009 $17 million in 2015 $16 million in 2009
Fund.comΒ Β£9.99 million in 2008 $14 million in November 2014 $11 million in 2001 $9.5 million in 2007