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Have you ever been forced to work just to have something to eat? Have you ever felt so rich inside, but so poor outside of your body? That was how I had been feeling my whole life.

My name is Milan and I’m just 18 years old teenager. I have two brothers and we are triplet. We’ve been always helping our parents because they’re too old to work something hard. My dad had heart surgery so he can’t push his self to do something hard at all. Because of my mother’s infertility they couldn’t have kids for 14 years. With God’s blessing we were born. But then has started the real struggle.

Only my father is working and he gets money just to pay the bills and buy the basic things for living. When we were kids, we were always screaming and fighting. I didn’t blame my parents because I know that the deprivation makes those fights. Love and any emotional condition is nothing compared to the deprivation.

Maybe you think “What the hell he had experienced in his 18 years of life?” I can understand your thinking. But believe me I had worked at lot of places. Last summer was my worst work experience.

At that time, I couldn’t find any job and one day I met my friend Irena. She was familiar with my economic condition. She offered me a job in one fast-food restaurant that was near the city square. I was extremely happy, so I went to talk with the boss of the restaurant. He was looking like rich bustard but he had friendly face. When I asked him about the work he told me that I could be only barman in the fast-food restaurant and in the bar that was In front of the restaurant. He offered me to pay 5 Euros for full-time job with no insurance. I was little bit disappointed because 5 Euros are nothing for 8 hours of working, but in the same time I was happy because I was able to buy some clothes and eat something nice.


My first day of work wasn’t that bad but the problems were coming every other day. I wasn’t working for 8 hours as promised. It was 13 hours of hard work because of frequency of people in the city centre. Every day was the same. Get up, go to work, come home exhausted, sleep for 7 hours, then go to work again. The boss was yelling all the time for nothing. He was yelling if we were eating, if we were drinking water, if we were taking some rest on a chair for 2 minutes.

One night I was working at the bar that was an open place. The weather was very cold. I was wearing only a T-Shirt. There were tons of people and there were a lot of orders because it was “LIVE SINGING” night. I was working alone as a barman and there were four waitresses. I was making the orders (juices, cocktails, coffees, alcohol), cleaning the glasses with cold water , cleaning the bar. While working I felt like my legs were cutting and like there was an earthquake. I’ve broke some glasses while I was shaking. I called the boss and told him that I can’t stay at work, I really needed to go to the hospital. He started to scream at me, blaming me that I’m “stupid bustard with no bones”. He was pushing me and pressing me on my right hand. In a second I saw my whole life in front of me and felt my heart beating. I fell on the ground and felt some strange cold.

Next thing I remember, I was lying on a bed and my family was next to me. I wasn’t able to talk a lot, but I whispered “What happened?” My parents were blue and exhausted. They were very happy when I opened my eyes. They told me that some guys found me in one park. Everyone was thinking that I was just drunk as hell and no one had tried to help me. I was laying there for 2 days. I was in coma for couple of days and finally I’ve opened my eyes.

How far can society go? How far can stupidity go? There isn’t such thing as perfection but there’s something called Humanity. If you don’t have this thing in your soul, you’re just another brick in the wall.

Maybe I’m not good son or good brother, but I know that I’m good person who will stay strong till the end of this journey called LIFE. I’m not trying to find the meaning of life because we exist just to make someone who will exist and remember our existence.

And after all, try to live good, “as a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death.”