Improve Your Business Premises And Reap The Benefits

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Your office or place of work should be considered to be the heart of your business.  The business premises needs to be suitable for the work that goes on inside and you need to make sure that it is well maintained. If you need to take on employees, welcome clients, investors and customers you will need to make sure the building is up to standard and open to everyone.

6 Tips for a Better Office

  • Create a walkway that is accessible for everyone.  Make sure the surface of the walkway is suitable, non-slippery and add in a hand rail. It is a good idea to add a cover too as this can improve the looks of the premises and adds a professional edge that can make your offices really stand out. The cover is also useful as it does provide some protection from the elements.  The walkway should not only include steps as not everyone can always gain entrance using a stairway. If you have steps add a ramp or a lift.
  • The reception is the point where everyone entering is welcomed so it must be kept immaculate. Ensure it is kept clean and safe; add a welcome mat to help soak up any wetness that comes in from outside and help to reduce the risks of slips. Provide comfortable seating and reading materials including various versions such as braille or large print. It’s important to ensure that the attention of the receptionist can be easily attracted using low level alert systems such as bells. Provide the staff at the front desk with suitable training so they are able to address and welcome everyone that comes through the doors.
  • Keep on top of the daily tasks such as cleaning, dusting, hovering, emptying bins and clearing up clutter. You could do this task yourself, hire in-house cleaners and maintenance staff or outsource to commercial cleaners. Messy offices can result in accidents and risks so this job is essential.  Add enough storage for your employees to make sure there is a place for everything and the workers are able to tidy their own work stations.
  • Consider ditching the open plan office and switch to more traditional settings. Problems such as noise pollution, distractions and interruptions can have an effect on productivity. Using team meetings and meeting rooms is far more beneficial rather than forcing the entire company to work in one open space.
  • Pride yourself on being an open employer and business that accommodates everyone that enters. Equal opportunities include not discriminating. You must work out ways for everyone to be included and have the same opportunities as everyone else.
  • The final point is one that is worth paying extra attention to. Remember that your employees represent you and your business at all times. Show them that you appreciate them and give them a space in the office that will allow them to relax. Taking breaks is good for morale and the health and well-being of the employees.  Working at desks can lead to a number of health problems and it is important for employees to stand up and walk around regularly. This helps to improve circulation for the individual.

Improving the Premises will Improve Your Business in Return

By improving your business premises you show your employees and the community that you are investing in your company. Pay attention to the laws regarding health and safety as Equal Equalities and request assistance when and where you need it. You might require extra training for yourself and your employees and have to make changes to the access points as well as the interiors and exteriors.

Aki Hashimoto is a dedicate blogger with special interests in equal equalities for everyone. With an access audit it is possible to improve any property and business for the good of the customers, investors and the employees.