Improve Your Look With These 10 Easy Tips

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Easily Improving Your Look

Whether you’re looking to step up your look or just to freshen-up on your already well-designed, these 10 essential tips for a better look are sure to bring an improvement to the way you present yourself to the world, regardless of context. Let’s begin with:

Accessorize but Don’t Overdo It

A good watch gives the impression of confidence. A watch plus three bracelets, three rings, a pocket square and a lapel flower? It’s just too much and makes you look like you’re trying too hard. Keep it sweet and simple for maximum effect.

Match Your Leather Patterns

You know how you have that one brown matte leather belt that would just work perfect with your shiny black leather shoes? It doesn’t. Make sure that when you are wearing a matte black leather belt you match it with matte black leather shoes and you can’t go wrong.

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Have A Pair of Shoes for Every Occasion

No outfit is complete without a good pair of shoes, so make sure that you have in your wardrobe at least one pair of black and brown dress shoes, a pair of boots, a casual leather shoe, a fashionable sneaker and last but not least a running shoe you don’t mind getting damaged.

Care for Your Shoes

Having a nice pair of shoes isn’t enough on its own. You need to keep those shoes spick and span by wiping and polishing them with a special sponge you can find for purchase in most shoe stores. Walk confidently towards your goals with a pair of fresh footwear.

Wear What Fits You

Whether you can afford expensive brands in tone with the latest trends or have an amazing physique, neither will matter much if the clothes you wear are ill fitting. Make sure to pick out clothes that fit your body type and measurements and you’re sure to turn a few heads.

Grooming Is Caring

Grooming is something every self-respecting man should do on a daily basis. This means remembering to wear deodorant each day, to trim your beard, nose hair, ear hair, to trim your nails and wash your face and pluck your eyebrows. It’s the small things that make a difference.

Something Smells Good and It’s You

A good cologne can take you a long way as long as you spray sparingly and in the right places.

Keep an eye out when choosing your fragrance and don’t be afraid to ask a sales representative for assistance. Either go for something new or something popular – either way has its benefits.

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Keep Your Face Clean and Clear

Make sure to keep your facial skin smooth and attractive by keeping up a routine. You need to get into the habit of a daily wash and a weekly scrub and moisturising. A zit breakout can be a huge turnoff and a major hit to your self-confidence, so avoid that hassle with this simple process.

Experiment with Colours but Navy Is Always a Hit

While a nice light purple tie or a checkered shirt can prove great detail flourishes, a navy suit is almost scientifically proven to be a versatile and confidence exuding item. Ever wonder why politicians seem to only ever wear navy blue suits? It’s because of that confidence boosting effect.

Pick the Shades for Your Face

There’s really no better accessory than a great pair of sunglasses, as long as you’ve picked out a frame that fits your particular face shape. Make sure that the shape of the frames contrasts your face shape. Pick a rectangular frame if you have a roundish face and make sure the size fits your head.

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The True Secret Ingredient to Looking Good

Is confidence. All of the above tips need to be followed if you’re aiming for a good look, but the glue that keeps everything together and will give you an edge ahead of everybody else is confidence. Be sure of yourself and comfortable with how you look and what you’re wearing and everybody will take notice when you walk into a room.