I honestly can’t stand you

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The one thing that really bothers me at work is when people get all in my space. I have my area very clean and I take care of the tools that were given to me to complete my work. I unfortunately have to work next to a slob who I seriously can’t get over. She is nice, sure, but has absolutely no respect for my space or my belongings. First of all, I look over her work to make sure she is doing everything correctly as she is fairly new working in our office. Our boss decided she wasn’t going to give her proper training, so I was basically the one to train her with the basics. I am very patient with people, but this lady seriously didn’t even want to learn a single thing. The work that I do, captioning videos for the deaf and hard of hearing, really isn’t a difficult job, but you just need to know exactly what to do and practice is a must. The lady came in thinking she knew everything, which she hadn’t had a clue, yet she decided my training wasn’t important in the least bit.


So putting all of that aside, I just dealt with the fact that I had to really check her work consistently. So moving on, she has been leaving candy wrappers all around our desk area. And a couple weeks ago she even left an open food container on her desk when she clocked out for the day. Are you kidding me? She doesn’t even have the decency to clean up her space, and I’m stuck with picking up after her? It’s ridiculous because how our space is set up, her garbage could easily look like I left it there, so I feel obligated to pick it up afterwards. So she doesn’t even have respect for her own station, and on top of that, I don’t know what to do about her smell. I would never tell someone who I didn’t know they smelled, but damn, I’m saying right now that this girl pisses me off whenever she comes in because I feel like I can’t even breathe anymore! I don’t know if she just doesn’t shower or what, but seriously, can you please just spray some perfume or something so I don’t have to smell that shit?

Just last week she came in and was smelling horrible as usual, so she came in and I offered her some natural scented lotion I had. She denied it and said my lotion smelled bad and then asked to borrow ten dollars for lunch because she packed a lunch, but wanted to try a sub at a new restaurant that opened up nearby. I thought she was joking, but she was completely serious! She packed her lunch, but wanted to go out instead, and insisted I let her borrow the money. I never mind lending out a helping hand, I love it in fact, but I had to turn her down. There was no way I was letting her borrow money when she already had a lunch that she packed. And on top of that she has been getting on my nerves and disrespecting my space since the day she was hired. I honestly can’t stand her. Sorry honey, the only thing you can borrow is my body spray.




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