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Working With Recruitment Agents

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Megan Thomson


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How To Work With Recruitment Agents

Recruitment Agency

For many of us, seeking out new employment means different things. Most will search in the area in which they already reside, whereas others will look a bit further afield, probably found through some sort of online search. Your local recruitment agency doesn’t need to be confided to the local job centre or newspaper calling out for temporary work in hospitality.

1. Working with an Employment Consultant

With an array of experience in various employment sectors, agents can provide an expert team of recruitment consultants to tailor a personal search for each separate individual. The whole point in the work done by employment consultants is to get you one step ahead in the recruiting game, as there is always going to be very tough competition.

Working with an employment consultant could be your way forward by highlighting the best aspects of you that you have forgotten to put forward.

2. Build a Strong Relationship with Local Recruiters

After you have first initiated contact with a potential employer and you maybe haven’t heard anything back in the first few weeks, you should do a simple follow up via email or call. Phoning or emailing constantly will not put you in good stead but the occasional check-up will mean that time is not distracted from your consultant and may also mean that time could be put in to finding you further interviews or job opportunities

3. Employment is a Game and your Consultant is your Partner

If you do want to think of employment hunting as a game, then your consultant is your partner. A partner excellent at their game and someone with a track record of winning. However, since the relationship is a partnership, a good relationship and an element of teamwork is essential. For example, if you are unsuccessful after an interview, that is nothing to do with the failings of your consultant. That is completely down to your own failings and under performance in an interview. However, if you did not under perform but there was someone else that was more suited to the position, your consultant will take this in to account, give advice on areas for improvement and put you forward as a potential candidate for further interview opportunities.

 4. Openness and Honesty

Again, to maintain the relationship you have with your consultant you should be as open and honest as possible. If you have employment breaks in your CV, give them reason. Lying will never end well either as if you say you have a specific skill or set of skills on your CV that you are later found not to have, chances are your consultant will be able to identify this and either pick you up on it or often disregard your future comments due to a suspicion that you may be lying.

5. Keep your Search Relevant

Relevancy is key in any job hunt. Relevancy, in this instance, is not only applicable to what you say about yourself on your CV, but relevancy when searching for a job. Only look, and only ask your consultant to search for employment that you are going to be comfortable and happy in. Also, chances are you’re more likely to be employed after an interview if it is for a position you has a genuine enthusiasm for.

6. Patience

Probably the most important tip when working with a local recruitment agency, but having patience is vital when job hunting as it can often prove disappointing and stressful. Have patience with your consultant but also having patience with yourself.

‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again.’ – William Edward Hickson.

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