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What Unexpected Jobs Stars Did Before They Became Famous

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William Hayes


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It is hard to see a celebrity on stage or on the screen and picture them doing a normal job. However, that is exactly what many of them do before they hit the big time. The following are some of the unexpected jobs which some of your favourite stars did before they made it big.

Sandra Bullock Serving Drinks
Sandra took on a number of casual jobs while she was in New York trying to get work as an actress. Among these roles, she worked as a bartender, a coat checker and a cocktail waitress. One great thing we can learn from her experience is that every job you do is useful for something. She has confirmed recently that she learned a lot from studying customers in the bars she worked in, such as picking up a lot of different accents along the way.

Hugh Jackman at the Local Store
If you walk into a convenience store to pick up a few bits and pieces, you don’t expect Wolverine to be working behind the counter, do you? Before he got some juicy acting roles, Hugh Jackman worked at a 7-11 store but it didn’t last long. He said that he lost the job after 6 weeks because he spent too much time chatting to the customers.

Sean Connery Bringing Round the Milk
While growing up in Edinburgh Sean Connery took on the low paid job of milkman. I don’t know how much he enjoyed the task of delivering dairy products early in the morning but before long he left to join the Royal Navy. It was at this point that he got a couple of tattoos, which say “Mum and Dad” and “Scotland Forever” respectively.

Michael Bublé
When he was only 14, Michael went out to work on a fishing boat with his father. The singer later called this the “most deadly physical work” he has ever done. He explained how he could be gone from home for up to 3 months at a time and working alongside older, far more experienced fishermen.

David Boreanaz
He’s well known for his TV roles in Bones, Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. However, David worked in other careers before then. First of all, he was a ball boy for the Pittsburgh Steelers football team. After this he worked for a while as a travelling salesman, although things didn’t go all that great for him in this career. He once explained how he was selling gourmet food on a door to door basis and locked himself out of the truck after making his very first sale. He only lasted a week in this job, showing that he was smart enough to move on when he found out that something wasn’t right for him. Or else his boss was smart enough to realise that this wasn’t David’s ideal career.

Jennifer Aniston
As Rachel Green, she might be one the most glamorous coffee shop waitresses around but Jennifer’s real early working life was less exciting. She started out cleaning toilets before becoming a bike messenger in New York. She has since said that she was “pretty good” at cleaning toilets but found the bike job to be tough. The good thing about her work experience is that she says that she has enjoyed every job she has done, even the menial ones.

Tom Cruise
You know him as a rich and famous actor as well as a scientology convert but life was once very different for Tom. One of his early jobs was as a bell hop and he also once dreamed of a career as a Catholic priest. If he had found a job finder with his ideal career back then things would have worked out very differently.

Brad Pitt
Like many aspiring actors, Brad worked in a number of odd jobs before getting his big break. For example, he once worked in a chicken restaurant called El Pollo Loco. He didn’t serve the chicken, though. Instead, he says that he had to dress up as a chicken and hand out flyers on the street. He also earned money moving furniture and driving the limo for a strip-o-gram service.

Megan Fox
Just like Brad Pitt, Megan once had to dress up at work. She had a spell working in a smoothie shop and got to choose whether to dress up as a banana or as an apple. She choose the banana outfit because “it was thinner”, which was a pretty smart move when you think about it.

What other celebrities had interesting or unusual jobs before becoming famous?

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