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Under The Stairs

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This happened many years ago when I was a younger man. I worked as a telemarketer for a well-respected company in North Dallas. Some of our clients were major employers from around the world.

One day, the company hired a married woman who lived in the same apartment complex that I lived in. We didn't know each other until we started working together. That's when we discovered we lived in the same apartment building.

Because we lived in the same apartment complex, we used the same laundry facility. One Saturday after work I was doing my laundry and saw this co-worker drying her clothes. When my laundry was done with its wash cycle I threw my clothes in the dryer she had taken her clothes out of, but I didn't check it first to see if she'd left any garments in the dryer. As it turned out, she had … a pair of her own panties.

I thought I hit pay dirt. I decided to return them to her, but I waited until Monday when we'd be working.

At lunch time, we took our break and I met the young lady in the outside smoking area. I wasn't a smoker, but I knew she was. So I told her I had something for her but she'd have to wait until after work before I could give it to her.

"Well, what is it?" she quizzed me.

I don't know how many times throughout the day she asked me what my surprise was, but I never let on what it was. Not even a hint. Needless to say, I had her curiosity peaked beyond all measure.

After work, I made her walk with me to my car to get the big surprise. I kept it in my glove box.

Without her seeing, I got into the glove box and pulled out the panties then stuffed them into the pocket of my pants. Then I said, "I have to get these to you inside the building. We can't do it here."

"These?" she asked. That really got her mind working.

I could tell the excitement was building as we strolled back inside the building. And as we walked back through the smoking area we kept getting looks and glances from everyone who worked in that building. I don't know what they were thinking, but it was quite amusing that they were staring us down. Maybe it was because they had seen us walk out to our vehicles and were wondering why we'd be returning to the building.

Our floor of the building was abandoned since the day shift was gone for the day and the evening shift employees were all at their phones conducting business.

I led this attractive Spanish girl through the first floor and into the stairway. She looked rather suspicious when I didn't take the elevator, but I didn't explain. I just opened the door to the stairway. We worked on the third floor of the building, but that's not where we were headed. Instead, I took her hand and led her to a small space under the stairs in the foyer. Since the building had an elevator, I knew that exit didn't receive much traffic.

"What are we doing here?" she asked, wide-eyed.

"You left something in the dryer Saturday when you were doing your laundry. I thought I'd return them to you."

A look of surprise in her eyes, I knew she was thinking, How did I embarrass myself?

With no further hesitation, I pulled her panties out of my pants pocket and held them to our faces. They were hot pink, with ruffles, and didn't consist of very much fabric. They weren't the kind of panties that were intended to cover up much.

She sighed and chuckled.

"Oh, God! Those are my husband's favorite ones."

As she reached for them, I pulled them away and shoved the crotch in my mouth. Then I turned my head back around to face her so she could see her panties hanging from my lips with her crotch in my mouth. Her eyes grew to pancake size real fast.

"I'll let you have them back," I said, "if you let me help you put them on."

At first, she refused.

"I can't do that. I'm married."

"No one is going to find out," I assured her.

"Not here."

"Yes, right here. No one uses these stairs. They all take the elevator."

I finally talked her into it. So she slid the black lace panties she was wearing down her legs, and I got on my knees. She stepped her foot through each of the legs of the pink panties and I slipped them on under her skirt, carefully keeping all the parts were they belonged. No wedgies, no creepers, no fuss.

When I was fumbling around under her skirt, ensuring her panties were on properly, I noticed she was getting wet. It turned her on so much, and she was so gracious at my returning her favorite panties to her, that I managed to get a reward for my efforts. And no one even used the stairs while we were there.

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