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Travel Someplace You Have Never Been [Challenge]

Posted by Confessions of the Professions in Challenges

Matthew Gates


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Travel in the UnknownTravel: Flight Perspective

When it comes to traveling, we all do it everyday, but for the most part, we travel to two locations: home and work. The distance between the two could be as close a few blocks to many miles away, or 5 minutes away to as far as over an hour away. It just becomes a daily routine that we grown accustom to doing each and every day.

When it comes to traveling outside of that route, we may have several errands to run, people to visit, and sometimes places to see. For those who travel, sightseeing is definitely a primary reason for their traveling, from seeing historical sights to seeing and experiencing new places and cities. For those that do not travel, life is fairly limited to being around town, and not seeing much else. There are plenty of people who are born in and never leave their towns, cities, or states. They remain there throughout their entire lives, never expanding or broadening their horizons. While they may be comfortable with never having traveled outside the familiar, this is not truly living, and they certainly are missing out.

It is highly recommended that if you ever do get the chance to travel, even if it is only to a new town, a new area in the state, or a new park, to go see it and experience it. Think about how it makes you feel to explore new areas, and use this inspiration to continue expanding into new areas and territories. Get on a cheap flight website and make plans for the future with a loved one to see something new and different.

Your challenge this week is to travel someplace you have never been, make plans to travel someplace you have never been, or to experience a new place that you have always wanted to visit, even if it is right in your town. Whether you want to make plans by flight, train, car, walking or biking, set a goal to explore an area that is new to you, and make it happen!

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