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Top 8 Largest UK Charities

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Stephen Hendy


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UK's Largest Charities and their Charitable Spend - Interactive Storymap

Hands Holding Charities

Some of the biggest charities in UK are spending much less than expected on good works, a report from the True and Fair Foundation has found. Some of the best voluntary organizations in Britain find a place in this list. However, some of the charities find the report misleading.

For Sue Ryder, the size of its retail chain and the costs compare favorably to many other organization and according to Age UK, if charity and fundraising income and commercial profits are taken into account, it has spent 95 per cent of its income on charitable activities.

Charities minister Rob Wilson said, “It's important for charities to be as transparent and accountable as possible - so people can make an informed decision about where their money goes”.  Check out this interactive StoryMap which highlights the information presented in the report by the True and Fair Foundation.

This Storymap provides an overview of some of the largest Britain's Charities and their Spend on Charitable Activities in last year.

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