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A Tech-Free Holiday Survival Guide [Infographic]

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Sophie Bell-Rhone


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Remain Tech-Free On Holiday

Are you glued your gadgets and feel as if they’re weighing you down? Does the thought of not checking your Instagram account for more than a day fill you with fear? What about leaving the house without your phone – does that make you feel like you’re missing a limb?

If you relate to any of the scenarios above, you might need a technology break. And whatever better way to go on a tech-less break than with an actual break.

Considering a huge 90% of people spend up to 4 hours a day using their tech devices on holiday when they should be disconnecting, unwinding and relaxing from the daily grind – a tech-free, stress-free getaway could be the perfect antidote to cure your technostress: the stress one gets caused by working with computer technology on a daily basis.

Smartphones, laptops, digital cameras and tablets are the most popular gadgets people take on holiday. So what should you do without them? The following infographic from Direct Holidays has some handy suggestions that can not only improve your health and wellbeing, but also possibly make for a more unique time.

If you’re planning on going for a relaxing holiday any time soon, then put the odds in your favour by going tech-free.

A Tech-Free Holiday Survival Guide [Infographic]

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A Tech-Free Survival Guide Holiday

Holidays are a great time to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate your body and soul. So why take your daily life with you in the form of gadgets? Go tech-free - you might be surprised at the results.

Technostress: Detection and diagnosis

technostress [noun]: Stress or psychosomatic illness caused by working with computer technology on a daily basis.

Can you identify with either of these behaviours?

Regular late-night computer use

This associated with sleep disorder, stress and depressive symptoms, which can be further heightened by using your mobile phone.

Midnight mobile phone use

In tests, participants exposed to just 0.12 seconds of light during the night experienced a delayed body clock heightened alertness.

If you can, you're not alone.

81% of smartphone users have them switched on 24/7.

38% of adult users admitted using their smartphones after it woke them.

7-8 hours
Getting anything less than the recommended amount of sleep increases the danger of:

So how can you combat these negative effects? By taking regular holidays.

Your boss will benefit from: More productive, focused, and dedicated employees

You will benefit from: Reduced stress, improved health

In fact, failing to holiday can contribute to an early death: your risks of dying from any cause is reduced by taking regular vacations.

Better life, better mood

Regardless of income, or destination or length of holiday, those who holiday regularly report a higher overall level of life satisfaction.

The holiday health experiment

In a controlled research project in 2012 by Kuoni Travel and Nuffield Health, scientists found:

Blood pressure: +2%, -6%

Stress resilience: +29%

6% average drop in blood pressure of holidaymakers compared with a 2% rise for non-holidaymakers over the same period.

29% average improvement in stress-resilience of the holidaymakers (showing how efficiently the body recovers from stress after a break).

How to holiday without gadgets

90% of people spend up to 4 hours a day using their smartphones, tablets, and other tech devices when on holiday.

Don't be one of them. Instead follow these tips for a tech-free, stress-free holiday:

Before you go - Be strategic with your pre- and post-holiday schedule - so that you don't feel pressured to check in with projects while you're away.

Set up your out-of-office so people won't try to track you down with urgent requests.

Tell close friends you're going away so they know not to message you on social media.

Pack alternative entertainment - books, magazines, games - and forget about the tech.

Order a hard copy what's-on-magazine to prevent the temptation of going online when you get there.

While you're away - Instead of spending your holiday on your favorite gadget, opt for a more relaxing alternative:

Smartphones: 63% take it on holiday

Instead of staring at the phone why not....

Meditate: Medication can help alleviate the mental and physical symptoms of stress.

Laptop: 51% take it on holiday

Instead of taking the office with you why not...

Clock in at the spa: Frequent spa visits have been linked to improved mental and physical health, better sleep, and fewer sick days.

Digital camera: 50% take it on holiday

Instead of photographing everything why not...

Paint a better picture: Painting, drawing, and journal writing are excellent stress-busting alternatives for documenting your travels.

Tablet: 39% take it on holiday

Instead of poking at a touch screen why not...

Pick up some knitting: Knitting helps people with depression feel happier. It also improves cognitive functioning, as well as social contact and commnication.

GPS: 37% take it on holiday

Instead of driving everywhere why not...

Go for a walk: Regular walking can reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma, and stroke.

MP3 Player: 32% take it on holiday

Instead of listening to digital files why not...

Take in some live music: Listening to music reduces anxiety and can help combat depression.

Action cam: 7% take it on holiday

Instead of making holiday videos why not...

Live in the moment with yoga: Yoga improves physical function and reduces stress levels.

A holiday isn't a holiday if you're still a slave to your daily tech routine. Liberate yourself from the gadgets for a few days to see improvements in your mind, body, and relationships.

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