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Surprise Secret

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A month ago I started working with this company, and I have already got a secret which I must hide from my co-workers, especially from my supervisor. She is a very serious woman and is not usually very nice, especially with me. Maybe it’s because I’m the new girl at the company or it might be because she simply doesn’t like me.

Anyway, the first week I started my work at the office I was invited to a surprise birthday party which was going to be held for the general manager, who I hadn’t yet met, and it was organised by my supervisor. I didn’t know many people yet and I am a timid person; it takes me some time to get to know new people and I tend to be very shy at first. So I was happy about this party as I find it easier to get to know other people in a relaxed environment, plus the alcohol would definitely help!

There was this good-looking guy who I had noticed a couple of times before but I had never spoken to, and on Friday I met him in the kitchen at work while having a coffee. I decided to start the conversation, so I asked him if he was coming to the party the following evening, and he asked “What party?” I told him “The surprise party for the general manager, they haven’t told you?” and after a second he said “Ah of course!” and told me he’d come for sure.

So the next evening I went to the party and we were all eagerly waiting for the general manager to enter the room. You can imagine my amazement when the attractive guy I had spoken to in the kitchen came in, and everyone shouted “Surprise!!” I couldn’t believe I had inadvertently spoiled the surprise by telling the general manager about the party! He did his best to look surprised, but he must have had a few drinks too much during the party as he ended up revealing that he had already known about the “surprise party”. Luckily, he did not want to say who had told him, but my supervisor was furious and said she would do her best to find out who had done it.

My secret is still safe today, but I don’t know what might happen. My supervisor is still not very nice to me even though I don’t think she suspects it might have been me. Secretly, I’m glad I told him and spoiled the surprise as she deserves it for not treating me too well! But I still hope she never finds out!

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