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Stylish Design For Classy Cats [Infographic]

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Morgan Murray


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Classy Cats For Stylish Design

Unconventional Cat Furniture

Cats are stylish, and they have panache, they are even classy. They do not have impoverished lifestyle like dogs. But every once in a while, cats disrupt the setting of various objects in our homes, a kitty could scratch a good looking corner table, a kitty could also make the books fly off the book shelf.

We at Terrys fabrics have come up with an infographic, that would help you with this dilemma, our infographic states the designing choices that would help you make your beautiful home both cat friendly and great looking. Some of the ideas include, hanging a cat bridge over a door, for a cat that loves Indiana Jones, or just sleeping.

Avoid accidents on your cream carpet with a stylish side table, which hides tray inside and looks good. Your cat could also take a seat under the planter, it’s just like being outdoors, but warm. You can design the book shelf with small stair, so that you cat walks down without any hassle.

Last one, which is also the funniest, you just need to accept, that it’s your cat’s house more than yours and put out a lot of cat walks around the house. We hope you like our infographic, and it helps in keeping you and your cat happy.

Stylish Design For Classy Cats [Infographic]

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