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Stressful Jobs [Infographic]

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Matthew Gates


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Almost every job can be stressful and carries with it headaches and complications. To those who love their jobs, even the stress of the job is just an opportunity to find solutions and work through problems. To everyone else, stress in the job may affect overall health, wellbeing, and life satisfaction. There are plenty of jobs that exist where there is virtually no stress, while other jobs exist where dealing and coping with stress is part of the everyday job.

Stress can age and stress can kill. Stress is perhaps the number one reason why people burn out, contemplate suicide, and quit their jobs. Stress can come from the most mundane tasks, complicated customers or clients, annoying co-workers, or mean bosses. There are plenty of ways to cope with stress including taking a breather, taking a day off, taking a vacation, or simply finding a solution to the issue that is causing stress. Suggestions to a supervisor, a boss, or human resources for reducing stress for all employees in the workplace might make the work life easier and could be welcomed by the aforementioned with open arms.

If stress is not dealt with, it can lead to a miserable work life and a miserable personal life, as stress often does not go away when one leaves work. If you can reduce stress in your work life and hopefully your home life, than you may be happier overall, feel good about yourself and your life, and even live longer.

This infographic covers the most stressful and the least stressful jobs.

Stressful Jobs [Infographic]

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Stressful Jobs


#1 Enlisted Personnel


#2 Military General


#3 Firefighter


#4 Commercial Airline Pilot


#5 Public Relations Executive


#6 Senior Corporate Executive


#7 Photojournalist


#8 Newspaper Reporter


#9 Taxi Driver


#10 Police Officer


#1 University Professor


#2 Seamstress / Tailor


#3 Medical Records Technician


#4 Jeweler


#5 Medical Lab Technician


#6 Audiologist


#7 Dietian


#8 Hair Stylist


#9 Librarian


#10 Drill Press Operator


View the entire report with a detailed breakdown of this list at:

Matthew Gates is a freelance web designer and currently runs Confessions of the Professions.

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