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The State of Small Business 2013 [Infographic]

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Principis Capital


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We polled our merchants (a sample size of 200 to be exact) and compiled a snapshot of the current small business environment: which businesses are thriving, which are seeing cash flow problems, and how they view the future. The merchants tended to fall into retail, food and beverage, and personal services. Participants were asked to rank the 6 biggest problems they've been having this year, which really gets to the heart of current economic environment.

One interesting aspect of the survey was what small business owners have been using their money on, and it seems that remodelling is high on their list. This is a great infographic for showing the difficulties small business are currently having as the economy attempts to pull itself out of a recession. It shows some industries struggling but an overall optimism for spending. This infographic would be a great addition to any blog positioning itself as a necessary small business purchase (marketing, renovation, equipment, etc). It shows the importance in investing in your business.

The State of Small Business 2013 [Infographic]

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Small Biz State of the Union

The environment for small businesses has been very challenging since 2007. However, Principis' survey finds that most small businesses feel that they are turning the corner now towards growth.

1. Industry Mix
What do small businesses do?

200 Merchants surveyed

2. It's A Cruel World
What are the top 6 problems affecting small business?

"Small Business Continues to Invest in Renovations Despite Poor Sales." - Small Business Survey

3. Positioning For Growth
Last Time You Invested In Your Business

2 out of 3 Merchants have invested in their company in the last three years.

4. Growing Stronger
Top Reasons for Investment

80% of merchants cited remodeling as the top reason for investment.

5. What Future Will Bring?
Small Business Optimism vs Pessimism Next Year?

"Optimism abounds among 62% of small business owner while only 16.2% see a negative outlook for the coming year."

Principis Capital is an industry leader in small business financing, offering fast business loan alternatives to merchants regardless of credit.

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