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Signs You Should Not Accept That Job [Infographic]

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James Logan


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Don't Accept That Job If You Encounter Any of These Signs!

Need Coffee Job Meme

There are so many jobs in market but before accepting a job you should know whether a job, office etc. will fulfill your requirements are not.

Before making a bond with a company/firm you should collect as much as knowledge for the firm as much you can. There are so many signs because of which you can judge an office, office environment etc. We know that all jobs are not equal but make sure that you’re getting a job that values you as a person.

We all agree that we don’t want to get stuck in a job that we hate. We want a office/workplace where the environment is nurturing and our work is appreciated and valued. Where we all can learn and develop our skills and have healthy social relationships.

In this infographic you will find the signs that you should know before accepting a job.

Signs You Should Not Accept That Job [Infographic]

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First Signs You Should Not Accept That Job

Sign 1

Everyone is new but the business it not. High staff turnover is always a worrying sign.

Sorry I'm late I couldn't find the meeting room! I asked reception but they weren't sure either as they are new as well. Luckily I bumped into the cleaner. 

I thought this was the waiting room?


Sign 2

Interviewer complains about their current staff when they first meet you. Already bad mouthing staff to someone who might become part of the team quickly flags up a domineering boss. Run the other way and don't look back.

This is the wrong meeting room! Brenda can't do anything right! You will find out this place is full of baffoons.


Sign 3

Random buzzwords and enigmatic phrases are never good. It suggests a company that doesn't have a clear idea how they want to utilize you and imagine you filling several roles simultaneously.

We're looking for a rock star ninja beast for a unique opportunity.

As a company you could say we 'wear many hats'.

... ok?


Sign 4

Overselling a job means that it is usually too good to be true when the job description is vague and they haven't questioned if you have the relevant experience.

You can be your own boss! The sky is the limit to what you can earn!


Sign 5

Do you keep seeing that same job advertise over and over? Yeah, that probably means something. Something bad.

I see you have advertised this job for a while it is everywhere online.

Er.... yeah we've been looking for the right person...


Sign 6

No mention of a path for career progression. You can do better than a dead end job!

Where can someone who works hard at this job be in five years?

Somewhere else.


Sign 7

Workers being brutally honest. Ask what is the best thing and the worst thing about working here. If the big boss is not there people can be really honest.

Level with me, what is good about working here?

Nothing. Run while you still can.


Sign 8

Your potential employer wants money from you to begin working here. This is a company already on the ropes.

If you want to work here we are gonna need you to pay upfront costs for your background check, training, and your office space.

... wtf


Sign 9

How do employees act around the boss when he speaks? If they are looking at the floor and act like they don't want to be there then this says either he is domineering or an embarrassment of a leader.

I'm the big boss you must obey me you subordinate fools!


Sign 10

Look at the people you pass and look at their expressions and body language. Do they look like they want to be there? That could be you if you accept this job.

... arghhhh


... arghhhh


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