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Sick Leave Across Europe [Infographic]

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Sam Butterworth


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Sick Pay Across Europe

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New research has revealed the true extent to which conditions for sick leave pay across Europe vary wildly between nations.

Multiple data sets were dug up by UK company Vouchercloud, which show there's no universal standard for rates of sick leave pay, and that countries usually thought of as the most developed in Europe, often pay the least when their employees are off work.

The UK for example offers far worse sick benefits for workers than countries such as Liechtenstein, or Switzerland, where workers can expect to receive their full pay for a week of sick leave.

The current average payout for a week of sick leave across Europe is £245, which also highlights the UK as a bad sick leave payer, as it only offers £36 for that period - probably something that comes as a shock to UK workers who find themselves unable to work due to illness or injury. That equates to just 9 per cent of your regular salary.

Several countries pay the full 100 per cent for the first month of sick leave; namely Norway, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Malta, Croatia and Belgium.

More details can be seen in this infographic, which illustrates the countries that pay the most, least and those that have waiting periods before anything is paid.

Week of Sick Pay Across Europe Map How Sick Leave Varies Across Europe Sick Leave


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