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Roommate Troubles

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This is a bit of a rant, more than a confession, but I just wanted to get it out. It's about my roommate, roommate troubles. Before I get into it, I figured I'd just tell a little about myself... I love surfing, I’ve worked many years as a lifeguard and even ran my own lifeguard company for a while. Unfortunately, New Jersey’s Hurricane Sandy kind of set me back for a while.  Nowadays, my primary job and passion is graphic design. I work in advertising and marketing initiatives for a web company. I’m pretty easy going and laid back. I like my job, even if I am underpaid but I look to everything as an experience.

A few months ago, I moved into my own place, sharing it with a buddy of mine who I’d been friends with for a few years. I didn’t sign the lease. It was a conditional agreement that I would pay half the rent and live there and become his roommate. It was great because it’d be the first time I’m away from home, moving out, and pretty much on my own. The place was close to the Jersey Shore, about 2 miles from the beach, with a huge window in the front room. Definitely a great place to chill and bring over friends. I was proud of my new place, happy to hook up with a girl here or there and be able to finally bring her to my place.

Everything was going great. We would have a few parties every so often, no one to tell me what to do. Friday nights and Saturday nights were definitely all nighters. Back to work on Monday, and life was good. About a month after I moved in, my roommate began seeing this girl. They became boyfriend and girlfriend rather quickly. She seemed nice, treated him well. She would come hang out with us. Things were alright. A month had gone by.. she stayed over here and there. And then it happened.

She began staying one night. Then two. Then three. And it started becoming a week. She’d go home a few days, then stay for another week. Meanwhile another month had passed, she and my roommate were treating me like I didn’t belong there, as if I was the intruder, the invader. I mentioned something to my roommate and he shrugged it off. They were both beginning to piss me off. On top of all this, she was beginning to stay more often and not contribute anything to rent. I thought it only fair that if she was going to live there, she may as well contribute ⅓ of the rent which would help us all out.

Unfortunately, both she and my roommate didn’t see it that way. A few more weeks had passed, the weekend came, and I was just getting fed up. There was no more privacy. She was living there a majority of the time. They were inviting all their friends over. Several nights they decided they would throw a party during the week, while I was sleeping and had to get up for work at 7 AM. I finally decided I had enough.

I ended up packing all my stuff and moving out. I did not really want to do it, because I had a great taste of freedom, but I ended up moving back home to my parent’s house. I just didn’t feel it was right of both of them to do that. And so, with no commitment to staying, I left. Now we’ll see how long that relationship lasts.. it will stand the true test of time when my former roommate realizes he’s going to pay all the rent by himself at the end of the month.

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