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Revamp Your Office To Get The Most Out Of Your Working Day

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Eilidh MacRae


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Often the environment you work in has a huge impact on your working day, from your mood to your productivity. If you’re in the wrong environment you may find yourself underachieving, in the right environment you excel working to the best of your ability. Many aspects of our surroundings affect us, from the size and shape of the space to the amount of light and fresh air we have access to. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your working day by setting your office up to inspire and awake you.

Let The Light In

Studies show that when we have access to lots of natural light we automatically feel wider awake and our brains are far more active than if we were in unnatural light or low lighting. If you find during your working day you feel tired or sleepy at any point it might be because you do not have enough access to natural light. Always completely draw back curtains or blinds and face your desk towards the window that lets in the most light though out the day. If you are working in a space that has little access to natural light consider knocking through one of the walls and replacing it with glass so you still have peace and quiet but benefit from the light in the next room.

Open Space

In open spaces we naturally feel relaxed and as if our minds are clear. When in small crowded places we feel claustrophobic overwhelmed, uneasy and sometimes a little stressed. To improve the space you work in start by de-cluttering leaving only the essential things behind. If there are a lot of items in your office you may find you are easily distracted by them, get rid of as much as you can leaving your office tidy and distraction free.

If your office is small create the illusion of space by hanging mirrors. Mirrors also help brighten the space up.

Bright Colours

Similarly to working in a space with little natural light, working in a space full of dark colours is going to make you feel tired and in some cases a little low. The best colour to paint your office space is a bright white or cream. Light colours reflect the light making it feel brighter and we feel more alert in rooms full of bright white and creams. The colours around us do affect our moods. A great idea is to have a coloured feature wall to help inspire you. Yellow is uplifting but it also simulates our creativity making us more productive.

If you do find you struggle with productivity or you feel tired whilst working it could simply be the environment that you work in. A few simple changes could make all the difference and you find all of a sudden you are working better, hitting your targets and deadlines and no longer leaving work feeling exhausted and drained. Try revamping your office space and see what a difference it could make.

Eilidh MacRae works for Premier Office Solutions who offer office refits in Bristol.

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