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Insights into Real-Time Salary [Interactive Infographic]

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James Martin


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Real-Time Look at Salary Diversity and the American Wage Gap

Salary Description

Retale interactive infographic “Salaries in Real-Time” puts popular professions—the doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, truck drivers, firefighters, construction workers, web developers, and even your profession—alongside top earners like Oprah, Lebron James, and the Top CEO to analyze the ever-widening wage gap between professions. Of course, expected income for each profession differs incredibly—based on factors like location, work experience, education, and special skills. After all: divorce lawyers will make more than teachers; Oprah will always make more than any of us. And such is life.

As we watch the wages grow in real-time, we learn that teachers must work eleven minutes before earning a hamburger; that web developers, nurses, and firefighters all fall within a similar pay scale; that truck drivers earn almost twice as much as construction workers; and that Oprah needs only an hour of work to afford a new home.

With the interactive infographic, you can enter your annual salary to watch as you “earn” alongside the other professions. This way, you can note the value of your time and evaluate your personal purchasing power. How long will it really take you to buy that television? When can you afford a new home? Compare your salary against other professions.



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