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Paragraph Editing: Throes of Creation

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Emma Laambras


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Essay Paragraph Editing: Exclusive Tips for Our Readers

Hand Pen Notebook Write

If you have ever had a struggle with essay writing, you know the ordeals of its proofreading and editing. Once you have an introduction with a solid argument, have done the main part of writing down your ideas, organizing them in a logical order and supporting them with counter-arguments, you will have nothing to do but paragraph editing. Plagiarism and grammar checkers are good, but when it comes to writing solid essays, they are not enough.

A poorly-written phrase or incorrect word can cause much more problems than you may think. Illogically expressed thoughts can make the flow of the whole paper tragically off. Your language may seem confusing and inpowerful if you are not attentive enough while editing. Therefore, do not break your head over the idea of “how to check my essay” - just sit and do it.

Have a break

Not a break from editing. Have a rest after writing your paper. Once you have finished writing, you are too close to it and too familiar with its content, therefore you will skip a lot of mistakes. Drink some coffee with pancakes, watch a movie, or meet up with your friend (unless your project has to be submitted within several hours).

Choose the most convenient format for you to edit at the computer

Print your essay and make oneself snug on the sofa, or read it aloud to your friend. You may also copy and paste its content into Google Translate and listen to it. By hearing the essay, one can notice the ideas which sound “out of place” or do not contain any relevant and appropriate information. If something bothers your ear, it will bother readers too.

Make sure all presented ideas are connected with the thesis statement

Exclude all unnecessary words and thoughts not related to the paper's aim and topic. Every new word should add more meaning to the sentence, but not the amount of words to your essay. For example, if the opinion is my, do not write “my personal opinion” - it is obvious.

Read your essay backwards

It is a logical method of paragraph editing, as you may notice whether your transitions are clear and ideas interconnected.

Watch your language

Avoid jargon, confusing or slang words. On your way to sophistication and portliness in writing, be attentive and cautious. Make sure all phrases are understandable and rational. And what is more important – all words should be necessary.

When I check my essay, I try to be objective and dispassionate. There are sentences one likes most of all in their essays, but make sure they are appropriate for the general paper content. Find strength and courage to cut pointless sentences and you will gain +100 points to your karma:)

Paragraph Editing Help on a Professional Level

Are you sure you can proofread your paper in accordance with all the academic standards? Do you want to find an experienced expert to ask, “check my essay?” We can help you. Our essay writing service editors will correct all grammar mistakes, sharpen your language, replace unnecessary phrases and delete redundancies. They will improve your paper content according to your writing style and requirements. Do not hesitate to get paragraph editing help from EssayShark to submit a perfect paper to your instructor.

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