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No Fighting With Family [Challenge]

Posted by Confessions of the Professions in Challenges

Matthew Gates


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Born Into Family Without a Choice

Family Picnic

Life is pretty interesting when you think about it. If you are the typical believer in a soul, than every soul gets a human body, and is born into this life. It takes the power of two other souls to make that newborn soul. Whether it was newborn or existing is a question up for debate and for another confession. When the soul comes into this world, it is born into a family.

There is a saying when it comes to family: You get to choose your friends, but not your family. Every one of us is born into a family. Sometimes we are born into good families who are prepared to inherit the responsibility of raising a new soul, while there are plenty others who struggle or who simply cannot. The hope is that the majority of us are born into and get raised by a loving family.

If you are a firm believer in karma, than you might say that the soul is given the challenge of the family they are born into. If you go to 100 households and knock on the door, and ask to observe the lives of the family for a few hours or even an entire day, you will find that 100 households are not perfect. Families fight, siblings fight, husbands and wives fight, maybe not all the time, but they do fight. Whether they fight over nonsense or more serious issues, the challenge of the family is one of the greatest challenges in your life that you will face, that we all will face.

When I was younger, me and a sibling of mine got into crazy fights because we hate this dislike of each other. It was a love-hate awkward relationship. Yet, if anyone messed with my sibling, they were messing with me. I would do all I could to protect and ensure my sibling is safe. When it came to our own time together, however, a battle between cats and dogs erupted, and sometimes my mother would have to step in to stop the fighting. It seemed that we were more distant than ever, and rather than friends, we were just stuck as family.

As we got older, however, and moved away from home, and began our own lives, we got closer. My sibling is one of my best friends and someone I trust most in this world. After all, my sibling and I are the only ones who know our history. As I recall the events of my childhood, how exactly were any of those fights important? Did they make any difference at all? Probably not. They may have done some good, as they brought me and my sibling closer together when we were further apart physically.

Your challenge of this week is to not fight with your spouse, not fight with your children, not fight with your parents, and not fight with any family members. Your family is really the only people in this world who know you and love you unconditionally. They root for you in life and they want to see you succeed. Love your family like they love you. All of your fights will mean nothing. In the end, when you look back on your life, how will you want to remember the family that you were born into and raised you?

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