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How Your Name Can Affect Your Success [Infographic]

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Ananya B.


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Names of Success

What's In A Name

What's the first thing that catches your attention when you meet someone new? Their clothes, their voice, and other physical aspects will no doubt be the most common answers? But what about their name?

Babies are usually named according to family, cultural, racial or religious guidelines. Parents take great pride in naming a newborn, and the ceremony is usually cause for a big celebration. Little attention is paid to the significance of choosing one name over the other. So, is there more to a name than simply an individual's identification?

What would you say if we told you that people with common names are far more likely to be hired than their unique named counterparts? Sounds unbelievable! There's more, if your name is easy to pronounce, people will favor you more, Whoa!

Research has shown that something as simple as using your initial can make you seem more intelligent than others. There is also the phenomenon known as the “Name-Letter Effect” where we favor alphabets that are also present in our name.

And probably the most astonishing fact, If your name simply sounds noble, you are more likely to work in a high ranking position.

Research shows that a name can be directly associated with behavior, academic and professional success. This proves that a persons name can influence factors that seem far beyond what seems likely. As a parent, make sure you consider all the potential benefits and implications before choosing your child's name.

How Your Name Can Affect Your Success [Infographic]

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How Your Name Can Affect Your Success

A lifetime decision that you will take for your baby


Successful CEOs with Shorter First Names


Top 10 Most Successful Businessmen Names

  1. John
  2. David
  3. Steve
  4. Paul
  5. Alan
  6. Richard
  7. Peter
  8. Andrew
  9. Mark
  10. James


Top 10 Least Successful Businessmen Names

  1. Tony
  2. Matthew
  3. Jimmy
  4. Fred
  5. Brian
  6. Ben
  7. Ad
  8. Alex
  9. Kevin
  10. Martin

Other Related Facts

The Name-Letter Effect

It refers to a person's tendency to favor the letters in their name over the other letters of the alphabet and it is done of the widest used measures of implicit self-esteem.


It is a gender-neutral pronoun that can be applied to objects and people who don't wish to specifically identify as male or female, and it is now an official third pronoun in Swedish.

What Experts Have To Say

Names are the proof of our existence. That's why they are so important. And that's the reason why we are not simply looking for children's names, we create them

—Mark Hauser, CEO and owner of Erfolgswelle Ltd

A name for a child should not be something that the child will resent, or regret, or have challenges with, later in life - or they will soon drop and create another name for themselves. One simple measure of that element is what we in the product-naming business call The Telephone Test. Imagine you are the person with the new name, and you answer the phone by saying your name. Does the person on the other end of the line understand exactly what you just said? If so, then you are doing your child a favor with that name. In short, name your child for his or her benefit and ease of use - not for your own.

—Mark Gunnion,

The uniqueness of one's name is not an absolute determinant of success or failure—people with ordinary names can do extraordinary things, while people with exceptional names can live mundane lives. More important is to avoid names that may hinder the flow of opportunities: Don't give teachers are reason to call on your child in class or employer's a reason to pass over your son's or daughter's resume. Select a "welcoming" name that uses pleasant sounds that can be pronounced and spelled logically whether it's a traditional name or one-of-a-kind.

—Sherri Suzanne, Founder of My Name For Life

While there has been some evidence that suggests there's a relationship between one's name and one's hireability, academic success, perception by others, and good or bad behavior (among other things), it's important to remember that many factors are at play in a successful life. A name carefully chosen by loving parents with the best of intentions is a wonderful gift to give a child, no matter what the research shows.

—Kate, Founder of Sancta Nomina


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