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Listen To A Different Song [Challenge]

Posted by Confessions of the Professions in Challenges

Matthew Gates


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Challenge of the Week: Listen To A Different Song You Have Never Heard Everyday

Musical Notes

Music can touch the soul in many different ways, tap into your emotions, and make you feel just about anything you want to feel. Most people at work may not listen to music, while others - like me - need it to function as I work. Music is your best company at work while you work and can keep you focused, entertained, prevent boredom, and also keep you from trolling on websites you should not be on. Music has the power to unite people, tear people apart, or bring back some of the best or worst memories, and get you through the tough times and the best times of your life.

Sometimes I prefer the silence over the noise of music, but putting on Pandora or streaming a playlist on YouTube puts me in the zone and I become completely focused on what I am doing and nothing can take me away. I tend to function better with music, though sometimes my boss thinks I am a little “too quiet” for my own good. But I beg to differ! When the task gets done, looks good, and the money from the client goes into the company account, I hardly ever hear a complaint!

I normally listen to the same type of music, but every so often, I get in the mood to go on a hunt for new random music, regardless of music genre, it is always pleasant to see what type of new music is out there, as much of it can be discovered on YouTube and a lot of other music will never get radio play. Your challenge for this week is to find new music that you have never heard before. Go on a search for it, find music you like, but make sure it is different from all the songs you routinely listen to everyday. It can be music by a familiar artist, but it cannot be music that you know.

Let us know in the comments the type of music you decided to listen to this week and you can even include the YouTube links to the songs! We’d love to hear the new music you discovered too!

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