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Learn LinkedIn: How To Build Your Living Resume [Ebook]

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Matthew Gates


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Have you done it again? Forgotten to update your resume? Is your paper resume on your desk or have you converted it into a PDF or Microsoft Document on your computer? If its on your computer, when was the last time you updated it? Do you have to recall when the last time you updated it was? Your resume is your update to date self, complete with job listings, skills, education, and experience. It’s important you keep it up to date, but there’s a better way, a more interactive way, and a way for companies and job recruiters to find you and your resume online. If you haven’t already done so, or if you know nothing about it, you need to get on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is not Facebook or Twitter. LinkedIn is not a hangout for teenagers or people looking to chat with online singles. It is not a dating site either. LinkedIn is a professional business website dedicated to showcasing your professionalism. LinkedIn is a source of information, resources, and holds the key to many potential opportunities. LinkedIn allows you to meet professionals, build relationships, and establish yourself as a professional in the business world. LinkedIn allows you to make connections with professionals you have met and professionals you can meet. On LinkedIn, you will find co-workers, CEOs, executives, managers, directors, business owners, and people you can easily get in touch with for questions, job opportunities, or advice.

With LinkedIn, you can put your resume online, keep it up to date, and show off your skills. By putting your resume online, you can add that personal touch with the LinkedIn brand. It will be easier, almost instant for you to update your resume, and by having your resume on LinkedIn, you will never lose it on your desk or computer again. If you do lose it, LinkedIn offers a print option which prints your profile into a resume. On LinkedIn, depending on how well your resume is, you have the chance to be seen by hundreds of people looking for you, wanting you to work for them, wanting your skills, and seeking you out.

No longer do you have to seek out job opportunities because businesses are looking for professionals like you! Of course, results may vary and you may have to seek out opportunities yourself, but you increase the chances of being discovered by major organizations, startups, and people looking to partner with you. LinkedIn is about being social with many features to explore.

This Ebook, presented by MakeUseOf, teaches you how to build your living resume on LinkedIn. If you still need more information about Linked, the Ebook will also go over the basics of teaching you what LinkedIn is and how to use it including setting up a profile.

Topics include:

  1. What is LinkedIn?
  2. What is a Living Resume?
  3. LinkedIn 101 - Setting Up Your Account
  4. Profiling Yourself
  5. Networking - Get From the Third to the First, Fast
  6. Establishing that “Living Resume”
  7. Recommendations, Your Contacts, and More
  8. Finding People, Wrapping it Up

Download: Learn LinkedIn: How To Build Your Living Resume (Right-click for save options)

Matthew Gates is a freelance web designer and currently runs Confessions of the Professions.

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