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Laptop Recycling [Infographic]

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Katie Baker


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Don't Throw That Laptop Away, Recycle It

Recycle Laptops

Recycling your old laptop, computer and electronics gadgets is the best step towards decreasing the amount of E-waste from environment. Everyone has to be aware regarding the fact that recycling of plastics and IT products cleans the environment and reduce the harmful toxics emitted from the wastes. Most of electronic gadgets like laptop, printer and mobile phones etc. have valuable material that can be either recycle or reused as spare.

With this infographic, we would like to brief you about the parts in a laptop that can be recycled or used as spare and how laptop recycling is better, we have included following parts:

  1. Plastic: Every electronic product have some plastic in it.
  2. Circuit Board: contains good amount of metal
  3. Screws: Available in different sizes.
  4. Metal: Old laptops having more metal part in it.
  5. Cooling Fan: Can be easily reuse.
  6. Connecting cable: Can be only recycled
  7. Battery: Can be used in other model if its working.
  8. RAM: can be definitely used in other system because this technology doesn’t have many changes.
  9. Hard Disk: Completely remove all data before recycling.
  10. Display: Can be used as digital photo frame if working.
  11. other parts: Keypad mouse pad are consider as plastic material.

This infographic is designed by Ecogreen IT Recycling.

Laptop Recycling [Infographic]

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Every Computer brand is launching their new products with new technology on a daily basis and offering latest features including faster speed, multi USB ports, high-resolution screen, and many more to attract customers. As technology is enhancing so rapidly, anything before almost feels like the dinosaur age.

So the old laptops that stop working and are no longer in use, the best way to get rid of it is to send it for recycling. Let's see how each part and accessories of old laptop are recycled or used as spares.



All electronics contain plastic of one or the other type. Whilst this currently does not hold a lot of value, it can all be recycled.

Circuit Boards

The Circuit boards contain a good amount of metals, as well as the components, that can be recycled with a specialist recycles.


Every laptop model has different sizes of screws, some are small that be quite easily lost. So tag all the screws as per laptop model and they can then be considered in metal recycling.

Metal Parts

Older laptops tend to contain more metal parts than newer models. The parts are normally made of tin or aluminum in order to easily hold and support small parts in place. Therefore, they can be split down in various metal types and can be recycled.

Laptop Fans

If fans are still working than you can use it in many ways at home, but if it is not working, send them to be recycled.

Various Cables

There is no reuse of these cables, only option is to send out for recycling.


If your old battery pack has some battery life left, even it it's just an hour, someone else with the same model might actually spend a few bucks on it. Try it, although it is probably best to recycle it.


Memory sticks usually are easy to remove, since memory technology does not change that frequently. If you no longer have any productive use for those old memory sticks, send out for recycling.

Hard Drive

An old hard drive will not make you a lot of money. Besides, getting your data off it before sending it to someone else is a hassle. Due to this, many hard drives are first destroyed and then sent for recycling.


The display potentially is the most valuable part, given it's still in good condition. However, it is also one of the parts that can be tough to remove. If it's not working, only thing is to recycle it.

Other Parts

There are many more parts that you might be able to extract and play with, including the keyboard, touchpad, webcam, card reader, or fingerprint reader if they are working. IF it's not they can be considered just as plastics and recycle.


As you can see, a lot of old laptops we waste can be recycled or reused.

If your old laptop is in running condition here are some awesome tricks that you can apply on that.

Ecogreen IT Recycling has the correct structure to dispose your redundant IT equipment with an ethical and a legal procedure put in place for your safety and security.

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About the Author

Katie Baker writes on behalf of Eco Green IT Recycling, a company that provides electronic waste recycling solutions. Apart from writing, she likes to explore the world with her camera.

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