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Weddings in India [Infographic]

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Aashita Gupta


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How Much Does An Indian Wedding Cost?

Pink Indian Wedding Dress

Marriage shopping trends in India are wide and vast. Yes, this is one platform that extracts high revenues. Weddings are extravagant in India and depict the status of parents in the society. The more they spend, the more is their wealth.

However, with a huge sum of money spend on marriages; parents invest almost 1/5 of their life income in weddings. The main and major expenses are in the sector of clothing. A girl look like a diva in those expensive outfits and the man depicts everything of a king. Yes, apparel industry loathes a sound income in the wedding season.

From relatives of the bride and grooms, clothing industry call for a big splurge. Today, even after the fast growth of e-commerce sector in the country, people are still backing the conventional laid-back sari shops. Why it is still the scenario? Check out the infographic below to know the trends.

Weddings in India [Infographic]

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Get Amazed To Know How Much An Indian Wedding Spends On Only Clothes?

Wedding in India is no less than an extravaganza. After all, this is how it should be as wedding is for life and a one-time affair. But yes, it sincerely bore a big wide hole in the pocket of hard earners (parents of course) and it doesn't matter whether they are able to afford it or not. They have to make it big anyway to save their place in the social card. And if they managed to make it as one big fat Indian wedding, they get a notch in uplifting their upcoming life in the society.

Budgeting for a Wedding

Ideally, parents bear the budget of the wedding, but as the homegrown generation is heading high with the responsibilities; they are also managing to share their part in the wedding.

The Indian wedding industry is over Rs 100,000 crore and is growing at 25 to 30 percent annually. The estimated cost of a wedding with no expenses spared could be between Rs 5 lakh to Rs 5 crore, in India.

Wedding Shopping Trend

Wedding Shopping is extravagant in India, where clothes shopping sets high priority.

A person, in India, spends one fifth of the wealth accumulated in a lifetime on a wedding ceremony.

Normal Expenditure on Clothes

Above all that wedding couture calls for a high splurge. Approximately 20% of the wedding budget is strictly spent on clothes in an Indian wedding.

Apparel market (wedding) worth: Rs 10,000 crore

Bridal Designer Saree/Lehenga cost: Between Rs 10,000 to 50,000

Designer Shervani cost: Rs 15,000 to Rs 40,000

Relative's clothes: 1 lakh to 2 lahk (average)

Bridal Trousseau: 7, 15, to 21 sarees or suits cost between 40,000 to 1 lakh

Around 5 lakhs spent on clothes

The Buying Culture

Online wedding shopping in India is still very much in its nascent form and buyers are still opting for their trusted shops from the mainstream wedding market.

Indian Wedding Scenario

Global Wedding Scenario

The Indian market spends high on wedding shopping but is still struggling to drape some high fashion labels and stupendous outfits from online shopping. The consumers are still spending lucratively in retail stores rather than beautiful and affordable outfits from the online market. This may certainly help in shaping the wedding budget.

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