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How to Cure Spreadsheet Insomnia

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Tamara Ecclestone


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Curing Spreadsheet Insomnia

Ostrich Pillow Desk Sleep

Our Canary Wharf serviced apartments are a popular choice with businessmen and women heading to the capital for work, so we have put together our advice for getting back on task when it comes to the dreaded spreadsheet insomnia.

Take Regular Breaks

Like most computer work, you need to make sure you take breaks from your desk when dealing with spreadsheets, for the sake of your eyes as well as your sanity. Got too much left on your to-do list to stop for even a second? Intersperse your spreadsheet work with other non-Excel-related tasks to break your day up a little bit, and if that’s not an option, grab a coffee.

Colour Code Your Work

Although it might be tempting to leave your table sitting on a white background, colour coding your work will help your brain to process its contents far quicker and make it easier for others to extract information.

Cut Corners

Learning how to use the higher functionalities on Excel (think shortcuts, formulae and macros and more) will make your workload so much lighter. Take a course or ask for extra training at work in order to better your Excel skills and you’ll be amazed by the time you save slaving over your spreadsheets.

Eat Well

It sounds silly but in order to be functioning at your most productive, you need to eat more than a meal deal from the local supermarket on your lunchbreak. Ensure you are eating brain foods, such as fish, blueberries, dark chocolate and broccoli in order to get the most out of your working day. And avoid eating a big sandwich at lunch at all costs, that 3pm carb coma can be a killer.


Spending what feels like forever in the depths of Excel hell can mean you end up neglecting social interaction for hours. Take a tea break with a colleague or make that phone call you have been putting off before heading back to the world of frequencies, formatting and formula.

Whether you are a fan of spreadsheets or dread a day spent shifting cells, Excel is here to stay, so follow these tops tips to make your inevitable tasks a bit more manageable.

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