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Housewife and Mother Resume

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Matthew Gates


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The Most Underrated Profession: Housewife and Mother

Lois Griffin Housewife

A mother's job is not an easy one and we often take our mothers and our wives for granted in all that they do. We might think they are not doing as much as they say they do, but imagine if they took a day off or even a week off, how much work would go undone, from laundry; to the dishes in the sink, to making breakfast, lunch, and dinner; to waking everyone up so early in the morning, and if she is not just a housewife or stay-at-home mother, she actually has to go to work and fulfill her responsibilities there.

Throughout the day, she is constantly on alert, hoping in the back of her mind that the school does not call her and that her children are safe, and that her husband is at his job and is safe. She then drives home and hopefully does not hit too much traffic, in order to either pick up the kids from school on time or make sure she is home by the time they get home from school so she can start preparing dinner; help the children with their homework; and keep them somewhat entertained, while she also cleans up after everyone, finishes up her own chores, and maybe she might have time to herself tonight for just a few minutes after she puts her children to sleep, but maybe she will just have to forego that time to herself tonight because she is always willing to make those kinds of sacrifices. Does this sound familiar? It is the job of a housewife and a mother. Whether they work or not, they seem to be just as busy. Unfortunately, except for her day job with a company, the other doesn't pay, and some days more than others, she probably feels like quitting.

What might all this work look like on an actual resume?

Career Objective:

To get these kids out of the house by the time they are 18 so I can finally have peace and quiet again, even if it will occasionally make me sad. My children should be raised with good manners, family values, and respect for others and a strong sense of self. I would also like to achieve this with minimal gray hairs, wrinkles, and with my sanity intact.


Self-taught, grandmother's advice, mother's advice of "someday you're going to have kids and they are going to be just like you", friend's who already have kids advice, winging it, and possible prior experience.





Education Director

Child Care Manager

Teenager Management

Head of Entertainment

Psychologist and Doctor


Health Instructor

Memory Collector


Special Skills



This is really just a short list of what most mothers do and most of it comes from remembering what my own mother did from my childhood to adulthood.  I completely made up this resume, but I am sure it covers many of the things you mothers do. There is no resume, no cover letter, no job listing, that could even compare to what a mother does.

In previous articles I wrote, Mother: The Ultimate Job and Mother Is Special, along with The World's Toughest Job, because I will always love my mother and appreciate what she does. No one really understands what the job of a mother really entails until they have lived through it. While men can certainly understand what being a father is, and they will certainly go through motherly duties, including the times in which the mother of their children is not available for whatever reason, they will understand it a lot more, but it is not quite easy to know every single thing that a mother does for her children and her family.

Unfortunately, whether a mother wants the job or not, almost every mother who falls into motherhood accepts it, and realizes that she is no longer living for herself, but that her children are now a very important part of her world. Her children depend on her when they are young, but the hopeful payoff is that they will love and cherish her when they are older, just as she did when they were young. How much would she actually get paid to do all this work if it were a paid job? She obviously does it for free, but the payout would be nothing any of us could ever afford.

To all the Moms out there, Mother's Day is for you because you deserve it. How you do what you do, I do not even know. You do the work of 20 men in a child's lifetime and you do it without complaint. You make sure that we get a chance at life, and sometimes, a better life than you had. We love you so much and without you, we would not be who we are today or where we are today. Because of you, life is better, and because of you, life is worth living. You have taught us so much and despite all of our tantrums and fits at you, you still love us unconditionally.

To my own mother, I know we are several states apart, and I know living my own life has kept me a distance from you, but I miss you everyday and I wish I could spend more time with you. If there is anything I want you to know, it is that I love you and I thank you for raising me into the man I am today. Without your unconditional love, without your teaching me, without your taking care of me, and making sure I did this and that, I have no idea where I would be without you. You are an amazing woman! I love you so much Mom! Thank you for being my mother!

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