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Happy Father’s Day

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Matthew Gates


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Love to our Fathers

Father with Children

Dad is the number one man in most of our lives. There often is not enough father love anywhere, but a father, is the balance and equalizer of the equation. A father is there to protect his children, love his children, and love the mother of his children. The father has historically and traditionally been known as the patriarchal figure of the household, the one who holds the official order of the family.

Our father may teach us how to hunt, work, fix, clean, cook, and many other things. Dad teaches us about patience and understanding, about keeping calm in stressful situations, and taking a step up to the plate when a hero or leader is necessary. Father has taught us to keep our mouth shut when necessary, especially towards our mother. Father has shown us the consequences of our actions.

Father has taught us that in order to live the life we want, we must work and make our money, work for our living, and work t0wards our goals, even if it means sacrifice. Father does it all without complaint. Father is strict, but fair, and teaches us of a love that may be seen as modest, but it is a powerful love, a bonding love, of genetics and blood.

The love from father is not always said in words, but shown through a strong powerful bond, an expectation, a look, or even just approval. It is the bond of knowing that you are his offspring, who is to carry his lineage and genetics with you as you grow and live life. The expectation is representing his name, his honor, and his love of his family and his life.

Whether you are his daughter or his son, you have a bond with your father that is very different from your siblings and a different bond than the one you have with your mother. Each of you has your own bond with him, but nonetheless, he usually expects the same of you and your siblings: That you have a better life than he did. That is why he woke up every morning, why he went to work, why he put food on the table, and knew it was his responsibility to take care of his family; he wanted to show you that no matter what you wanted to do in life, that you could do it.

Our fathers want the best for us and do their best to support and provide for the entire family. Dad goes to work and does what he knows is necessary to do in order to support and ensure his family is satisfied. Dad is strong, often unyielding, but in his vulnerable moments, father's love shines as bright as our mother's love, and in that moment, we know that the love of both mother and father are what makes us truly understand the ultimate love of our father, our mother; our parents.

This is to honor all the fathers out there. Happy Father's Day.

I love you Dad.


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