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Guide For Choosing Perfect Packaging Tape [Infographic]

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Andrew Miller


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Using The Right Packaging Tape

Taping Box Secure

Whenever we are talking about any sort of packaging, then a crucial thing that is widely used and help to make your products and Cardboard boxes secure is a Packaging Tape.  If you want your product to reach its required destination in a perfect condition then you need to tape it properly.

Multiple online stores are available nowadays that provides varieties in packaging tapes at discounted prices with lucrative offers. From my personal experience if I want to suggest a website that provides quality packaging material then I would recommend the best Packaging Material Suppliers Company named Ms Packaging. They provide instant delivery option throughout the UK with quality services. If you are a newbie in the Packaging industry and do not understand which tape to choose for packaging your products perfectly then you can get all your answers in this post.

We have included the entire essentials that can help you in choosing the desired tape for you. In this Infographic we have mention Varieties of tapes like Brown parcel tape, Clear packing tape, Parcel tape dispenser, cross weave reinforced tape, Bonus tapes, Duct gaffa tape, Coloured tapes, Brown buff packing tapes and Double sided packing tapes etc. With the use of application and criteria you can choose the right tape for your work.

Guide For Choosing Perfect Packaging Tape [Infographic]

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Guide for Choosing Perfect Packaging Tape

Packaging Tape is available in a full range of materials and sizes to suit your every need. General purposes packaging tape is the most cost effective way to secure your parcels and boxes available in a choice of buff brown or clear to create the finished look you require. Packing tapes generally have tow applications: sealing storage boxes and sealing shippping boxes. It makes a difference what kind of tape you use in either case.

There are three factors to consider when choosing your packaging tape:

Application: Storage and shipping boxes require different types of tape adhesives.

Package weight: Heavier packages require thicker tape.

Tape dispenser size: Your packaging tape roll needs to be the right size for your dispenser.

Flow chart for choosing perfect Tape

Performance criteria to choose the Right Tape for each work

Thickness: Measured in mils, thickness is often though of as a reflection of a tape's overall strength, however, it is not always indicative of a tape's adhesion film thickness provides more resistance to breaking and tearing.

Shear: Holding power or the ability of the tape to resist slippage. Measure in minutes, shear is particularly important in applications where the tape is holding something in place such as major flaps of a social carton.

Tensile: The amount of force required before tape breaks. Measured in pounds/inches, the higher the number the more stress the tape can endure before breaking down.

Elongation: The amount a tape has stretched, lengthwise, just before breaking. Measured in percent, the higher the number, the more give the taps have.

Adhesion To Steel: Measured in ounces/inches, the higher the number, the more force it takes to remove once applied.

Adhesion To Backing: Measured in Ounches/inches, it is the ability of tape to adhere to it. For Packaging tape, adhesion to backing affects application tension. Lower adhesion reduces tension in machine applications, higher adhesion ensures firm unwind off the roll.

No single measurement can tell you how well a packaging tape will perform. Try these tips and choose the perfect one.

M.S Packaging

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